Do you dream of...


Sharing your fiery heart with the world?

Giving voice to the powerful message and vision inside of you?

Having copy for your brand that is strong and cohesive and works for you (even while you sleep)? 

Standing out in an oversaturated online space? 

Building a community of people who love you and line up to hear from you?


But feel like...


You don't know where to start? 

Your about and sales pages just seem to fall flat? 

Your words are constantly stuck in your head and never make it out?

You struggle to be concise and compelling? 

Your language never seems to match your incredible and wild vision?



I will teach you how to write words that can spark a revolution in your business; helping you to stand out, make more money, and build incredible community, so that you can ultimately change more lives with what you have to give. 

  • writing about pages that create connection
  • writing sales pages that spark emotion
  • naming your products with power
  • the importance of copy layout 
  • crafting viral and engaging social media 


  • speaking directly to your ideal client  
  • using words to set yourself up as the answer
  • infusing personality in your copy
  • owning your unique voice
  • creating compelling tag lines
  • developing an emotional experience 



Hey there good looking! They call me the bright light, the encouraging visionary, and the warrior with words. 

I have a knack for writing highly-converting copy. I have an intuitive strength that helps me get into the soul of a person to draw out their words and help them communicate their heart. I am known for seeing things in people they did not even know were inside of them. I also give pretty awesome pep talks and hugs, so get ready for that. 

What makes me an expert when it comes to words? Well, I've written helped over eighty women entrepreneurs communicate their incredible vision. I've had clients go on to sell out programs, triple their bookings and make insane impact. I've also been published over 50 times in magazines, newspapers and published print. I've written speeches for federal politicians, curriculum for youth leadership and Twitter content that has gone viral. 

and i want to help you do the same. 

Working with Ashley was everything I hoped it would be. She understood my community and my voice and hit the nail on the head with the copy. Not only did she freakin rock out the copy, but she was encouraging and delivered it with Ashley charm. She is so giving and wants the best for her clients. I will be recommending her to everyone I know!!
— Heather Crabtree, Savvy Business Owners

Ashley has been a dream. She gets my brand, gets me, and has a way with words that makes my brand sing. She is the first person I think of anytime I need copy for just about anything, and she rocks it every single time.
— Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom


Working with Ashley was one of the best investments I have made concerning my business. 


Ashley, is a word magician! She brings your story to life and makes you want to share it with the world! I am adored working with Ashley! 


Ashley was spot on with my personality and wrote the copy with my voice + some jazz.


You have totally nailed it. Thank you! What you’ve written is better than anything I could have done, yet you’ve described just what’s in my heart.



I deeply appreciated Ashley’s empathy towards my inability to articulate my vision and feelings. What we worked on is exactly what I envisioned.



Ash is a super human being, and totally transformed my services page to better represent me. I totally recommend her!


Stop what you're doing and email Ashley right now. 




Off the top, I'll probably dance and cheer for you because I'll be so excited to tell you everything I know. 

You’ll receive a welcome email within 24 hours with your confirmation and a little love note from me. 

On July 25th, 48 hours before our live class, you'll receive your workbook. If you signed up for a coaching call, you'll schedule it with me then as well. On July 26th, you'll receive all the information on how to access our call. That night, we'll party and I'll tell you all my secrets to amazing copy. 

If, for some reason, you don't receive your email within 24 hours or you have any other questions, send me a note to 


I believe that you are the best person to give words to your voice. I believe that you have a message the world needs to hear. I believe your vision is deserving of the syllables that feel right and connect with your audience. 

I believe that with the right words and strategy on how to communicate your heart, we can cause your business and life to blow up in the best possible way. 



What if I can't attend the video class at that time? 

No problem! You can jump in and watch the recording. 


How many pages comes with the coaching call? 

We will zero in one one page. That page is up to you! 


What if I don't have a sales page yet? 

Then, this is perfect for you! I'll give you the keys and encouragement to make your first sales page rock and stand out among the rest. 


Will this be offered again? 

Likely, yes. But this is the lowest price that this class will be offered at.