You know how we just confessed all our imperfect parts all over the Internet?  Now, let's turn that momentum into action by getting your awesome before the people who need to hear and experience it the most. How you ask? Through pitching.


Girl, I mean let's just talk about it. You are a dreamy, talented business owner with a heart for people and a story that bleeds with authenticity. Somewhere inside of you, you know that you have a message and work that could have an astounding impact on people if the word just got out about who you are. You want to become known for something magnificent and becoming a leader in your industry is your vision; podcast interviews, published articles, kick-butt collaborations, viral social media campaigns, and working with heartful influencers is what you're after. 

But you feel paralyzed because you simply don't know how to pitch well and you feel like you're lacking the confidence to put yourself out there consistently. I see you. You are struggling with feeling invisible and you're wondering how-in-the-heck it is that some people just seem to be everywhere and you're not much of anywhere. I mean, what do you do when people say no and how do you approach those big-names? It is one big, confusing and scary area and you want to do in a way that feels good, but it is also smart and intentonal. 

You want to step up and out as a leader and get your heart, story and work in front of your dream audience. And you know that you can no longer wait for someone to choose you.

You must choose yourself and pitch yourself. 

That's why I have created The Pitch Party, a seven-module online course, to teach you the beautiful art of pitching specifically for  women in the creative industry. 

After you finish this course, you will have the strategy and confidence to pitch consistently in your business, so that you can stand out, grow your audience and your income, and ultimately change more lives with what you have to give. 

Over the seven modules, here's the low-down on all that I am going to teach you.


Module 1: Get Ready to Pitch 

the different types of pitches for creative entrepreneurs

3 things you need to make your brand ready for pitching

what you need to be sure of before you pitch anyone anywhere

MODULE 2: Establish Your Why 

how to develop a vision for your pitching 

discovering who to pitch and why they should care

setting your pitching goals 


Module 3: Master Your Mindset

facing your pitching fears 

reframing rejection 

developing an empowering mindset 

Module 4: Make Your Pitch 

creating your value proposition 

writing the perfect pitch email 

live pitching

let's talk about timelines 


Module 5: The Next Steps 

how to lead someone when they say yes or no

following up on a pitch when you hear silence 

crafting a visibility plan to support your pitching 


Module 6: Party it Up 

cultivate a practice of celebration 

how to nurture your relationships 

Oh and there's bonuses too:

pitch email scripts 

guides for working with influencers & pitching podcasts 

pitching planner 


So, what's all included? I'll tell ya. 

over 20 short, digestible videos 

over 40 pages of worksheets to apply the information directly to your business 

a private group where we can cheer one another on and you can get feedback 

homework for each module so you can receive results right away

all the beautiful bonuses including hearing from podcast hosts and influencers themselves on what makes a pitch amazing 


Who am I? I'm Ashley and I believe in you like woah. Plus I know a thing or two about pitching. 

Hey there, beautiful soul. It is time for you to shine. 

I am passionate about teaching people how to pitch well because I believe that you have a work and a story that the world needs to hear, see and experience. I also believe that you don't have to wait to be asked, but that you can go out there and do the asking to create opportunities that light you up from the inside out (plus grow your audience and your income). 

Through the power of pitching, I have worked with over 500 influencers in my social media campaigns, gained free exposure to my physical products, been interviewed on over 20 podcasts, had my work printed in dozens of places including The Huffington Post and Mind Body Green, raised over $15,000 for international trips,  won dream jobs without even having to apply and doubled my income in business every single year. 

Say what. 

The exact process I've used to make all of these things happen are what I am going to teach you through this course. If you actually do this, you'll be amazed at the movement you will make to put yourself out there. 

It is time for you to show the world who you are. You ready? 

Now, maybe you're saying, "Ashley, I need more." Okay, I got you. 

I have ten spots available and waiting for those who want to go through this course and receive a sixty-minute session with me one-on-one to give you custom feedback on your pitching plan, processes, templates and goals. I'll dive in with you on one specific pitch or your overall pitching plan to offer your support and strategy and get your email inbox flooding with the word yes! 

When you register, make sure you pick the intensive option. That's all you baby. 

Are you ready to stop waiting for the opportunities you dream of and start creating them instead? Are you ready to get your message, your products and your work in front of the people who need it the most? Are you ready to emerge as one-to-follow in your industry and grow your audience, your income and your impact?

(If you're here, you're probably ready).

It might get imperfect. It will probably get uncomfortable. But here's what I know: it is time to show to the world who you are.

You are electric in and of yourself and you have something absolutely transformational to offer the world. So, let's dig into who you are. Let's get you pitching before you feel ready. Let's help you get your stuff all over the place.

Let's watch as you dominate your industry with your awesome. And let's just see how much of a game-changer that is for you.

(it'll be revolutionary, i swear).


Still got questions? 


When does the course open?

Registration runs through March 3rd and the course doors will fly wide open on March 4th.


Will you offer this again?

As the inaugural group to go through this email program, you're getting in on the ground floor at a beta price that I won't be offering again. Amazing. I may open the course up again, I may not. Consider this your moment. 


What does this course not cover?

This course is focused for the creative entrepreneur and I do not cover working with brands. So, if that's what you're after, check out some of the amazing courses out there that are specific to this. 


If I book one of the ten spots, when does that one on one call happen?

Within four months of your registration! You get to pick when it would be best for you. 


Did I miss something? You can email me with any questions too! Catch me at 


it is time to pitch your heart out.

you with me? Register below.


Need a payment plan? Email me at