because your heart is power


Take a moment with me to listen in.


You’re here because something with you is aching to connect with your heart again in your business, hungry to come home to who you are. Maybe you lost touch in all your hustling, your fears keep rising up and sabotaging you, or you feel like you don’t know what to do next.


I am going to carve out an intentional moment with you where will sit with your heart and allow everything that has been going on in you to come the surface, so that you can face it with courage and move forward with purpose.


The answers that you're craving are not really found in anyone else. 

They are found in you.


Who is this perfect for? 


You are craving high-level connection with yourself where you lean into the desires, wisdom and fears that are going on within.  You are likely feeling weary from running  from quick fix to quick fix in your business and like you are doing all the things you should, but still coming up empty.  You’re know that it is time to move forward in a way that feels true to you.  


You need someone who can sit with you and provide support and encouragement while you dig into your heart in a nurturing way.

Hey girl, that's me. 

Ashley is inspirational, aspirational and a wholehearted encourager. She gives her all from a place deep in her heart, and I’m a better woman, entrepreneur and friend because of her
— Shaina Longstreet, Designer

So, how does it work? 


Before we chat, I'll send you a comprehensive intake, where we will get a sense of what area you're yearning for breakthrough in the most. From there, I'll prepare questions to dig into your heart in that area. 

We will sit down over Skype and I’ll ask you questions that you’ll sit with. We will allow whatever needs to rise to the surface in you to do exactly that as you speak those things out (some maybe for the first time). 

As you do, I’ll provide support as well as sharing encouragement and speaking to your greatness in an empowering and nurturing way.  

By the end of our session, you will walk away with a couple core truths and actions for you to be able to move forward in an incredibly meaningful way in your life and business. 

Here's what you'll receive:


 50 min session via Phone or Skype

Client Portal with Recording + Notes

Written Encouragement from me to your email! 

“You can’t go wrong with having Ashley in your life. She’s insightful, joy filled, wise beyond her years and encouraging. You will learn a lot through her facilitation. She leads you to go deep in a safe way.”
— Crystal Burchfield

Let's talk a little bit about the power of diving into your heart.


What happens when we acknowledge our heart and lead out of that place? 

We emerge as powerhouse leaders with a dynamic message and work. 

We come alive doing the stuff we really feel called to do more than anything else. 

We burn bright and impact more than we could ever imagine possible. 

We stand out as brave women making game-changing moves in our lives and businesses. 

What happens when we aren't connected with our own heart? 

We consistently look for the answer outside of us, when it is actually within us. 

We feast on things that don't serve us making us feel emptier. 

We struggle to find the confidence needed to succeed in business. 

We deny ourselves of our power to be leaders in and of ourselves. 



What does the transformation look like when we do what our heart says? 

We become free. We stop worrying about what everyone thinks. We forgive. We let go. We move forward. We find our power. We make good decisions. We get the best ideas. We take care of ourselves. We step up and we step out. 

Can everyone hear from their own heart?

YES. It looks different for everyone. Some might see pictures, hear words, feel feelings, find memories come to mind or just simply have a knowing. It is beautiful watching women hear their hearts, maybe even for the first time.

“Ashley is a human sparkler and an encouragement whisperer. I can personally vouch for the epic sparkle she brings to me and the world. And no one, and I mean NO ONE, can inspire you to believe in yourself the way only she can.
— Shanon Doolittle, Fundraising Coach

Are you ready to reconnect with the power that is your own heart? 

It might get a little messy and be a bit uncomfortable, but I promise you this:


You will find clarity and confidence to move forward with purpose. You won't be held back by the stories and obstacles that have been sitting on you, but you'll be empowered by the truth and encouragement you need to hear the most. And more than anything, you will be ready to build your business with your heart at the core again which can only offer you unprecedented power. 


Let's get started. 


Investment: $497