Heart Immersion Kit

Heart Immersion Kit


Feel stuck in your business? Feel like you've lost yourself? Just starting out? 

Know your heart. Know your business. 


A bundle of tools, audios and worksheets I created to help you find your why, overcome the things holding back your confidence and build a mini-playbook for how to put more of you into your business. 


So, what's included? 


Step 1: 10 Heart Questions

A download to help you dig deep to find your why and discover your magic in your business. 


Step 2: Confidence Mapping

A workbook to help you recognize what's holding you back and find your custom tools to release you into your dream business. 


Step 3: Build Your Heart Guide

A playbook to empower you to develop a one-page resource you can return to again and again outlining your why and how you use it in your day-to-day business.


Step 4: Guided Questions and Declarations

Two audio tracks: one audio where I ask you the questions in a guided format, as well as one audio sharing declarations and affirmations that you can use in your business. 


Bonus: Social Media Jumpstart

A mini-guide to using your why in social media to instantly stand out. 


If you commit to doing this work, looking within, finding your why and then applying it to every avenue of your business, this is what it will do for you: 


  • You'll get unstuck, feel at ease in your business and love what you do. 
  • You'll share your message confidently and clearly and be seen as an expert. 
  • You'll learn how to be yourself on social media and stand out as one to follow. 
  • You'll attract your dream clients feeling energized about your work together. 
  • You'll build a dream business that fills your soul and makes you money. 


Basically, it'll be awesome. 

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