You're here because what you're looking for is a speaker who can step into your world and bring inspiration, vulnerability and positive energy to your event or team.

When I speak, I make sure to do two things. One, get real and two, get empowering. So, that by the end, everyone in the room not only feels less alone, but is ready to jump out of their seat with inspiration. 

Whether, I'm speaking to women, entrepreneurs, corporate teams, or a small group of amazing humans, it is my mission to make imperfect normal and inspire you to use your gifts with confidence. 

The result is emotion, motivation, and freedom. It gets messy, it gets beautiful and it gets good. 


My Talks

I will customize my talk to fit the needs of your audience, team or community. Here's why: because no one needs a cookie-cutter speech. I want to serve your people, so that they are inspired to dig into their hearts, embrace their imperfection, and cultivate contagious confidence.

Topics I specialize in: 



Self-Belief & Identity

Connect To Your Passion

Building Movements

Owning Your Message

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What People Are Saying


Ashley Beaudin is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse speaker! it was such a honor to have her take the stage at The Wild Hearts Conference. Ashley brought so much truth, grit, integrity, and honesty to the stage. It was so refreshing and needed.

In a world that is craving community and authenticity, Ashley came and opened herself up to the audience in such a real and captivating way. Every word she spoke was a breath of fresh that reached into the deepest corners of our souls and brought hope.

Ashley has something to say and something beautiful to offer the world. Hands down, she’s a speaker we’d highly recommend to any conference or event organizer. Your audience will thank you for inviting her — trust me.
— Lindsey Eryn, Wild Hearts & Third Story Apartment
Ashley’s style of speaking is profound, soulful, and exciting. Listening to her speak shook me to the core. It rattled the things deep inside of me to wake up and start living. Ashley’s message speaks meaning to the darkest parts of our soul and resonates with purpose. She will change your life and it’s worth every penny and every mile you might have to travel. 
— Shawna Hoots
I will be completely honest in saying that I was a bit tired before Ashley started speaking and when she began, I IMMEDIATELY woke up and was sitting straight up. She spoke so passionately and made me re-think how I want to sound when pitching to my ideal clients. This woman is bomb and knows her stuff. You will not be left feeling anything but pumped. 
— Juliette Von Hess
Ashley is dynamic, real and inspirational. You have to attend an event where she is speaking.

— Shadia Sallit
I was moved to tears. Ashley’s truth was something I was craving and didn’t know it. Her message is something we don’t hear enough and Ashley’s brave, no-nonsense approach to delivering it is a MUST HEAR! Listening to her speak seriously awakened something in me that I didn’t know needed to be awakened. Ashley, you honestly are a game changer.
— Melissa MacIsaac
When I heard Ashley speak, I felt as if she was speaking directly to me, even though I was in a room of nearly 100 people! Hearing her speak is an opportunity that cannot be missed. You will feel more supported in your goals then you ever have before. Self worth is something that is so difficult to explain, and she made it into such a simple and compelling idea.

— Logan Doerries
Ashley had the very difficult task of being our last speaker of the day, but she didn’t let that get in the way. Her confidence and ability to bring everyone back to the centre was incredible. Ashley provided an exceptional closure to the day that I am so grateful and thankful for. Her words and encouragement were what everyone needed at that specific moment. I cannot wait to work with her again!
— Kristine St-Pierre, Combining Passions

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