Cultivate Your Confidence


Movement Strategy Part 1


Movement Strategy Part 2


Monetize Your Movement


Build Your Community




Let's Get Started


Module 1.1: Types of Pitches


Module 1.2: Make Your Brand Ready


Module 1.3: What You Need to Be Sure Of


Module 2.1: Develop Your Vision For Your Pitch


Module 2.2: Discover Who to Pitch


Module 2.3: Set Your Goals


Module 3.1: Facing Your Pitching Fears


Module 3.2: Reframing Rejection


Module 3.3: Develop an Empowering Mindset


Module 4.1: Write Your Value Proposition


Module 4.3: Writing Your Pitch Email


Module 4.3: Live Pitching


Module 4.4: Let's Talk About Timelines


Module 5.1: How to Lead Someone After the Pitch


Module 5.2: Follow Up


Module 5.3: Craft Your Visibility Plan


Module 6.1: Celebrate Yourself


Module 6.2: Nurture Relationships


The Pep Talk


Creating Your Pitch Plan