Ashley is amazing and did amazing work. I’ve already referred her to multiple people.
— Megan Martin, Mentor to Creatives
DO IT! Ashley is amazing! I’m a visual person, so when it comes to writing about myself or my business I get completely overwhelmed. Ashley was able to take my thoughts and ideas and turn it into something magical. Highly recommended!
— Heather Jones, Graphic + Web Designer
Seriously, if you want your essence, spirit and heart captured in words, Ashley is your girl.
— Sarah Shuttle, Graphic Designer
Before working with Ashley I was confident in my own writing capabilities, after all writing is a passion of mine. When I decided to build my new brand, I decided to lay it all on the line. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how someone else could “get me” enough to write about me to my audience. Then I took the plunge & hired Ashley & wow, just wow. She captured the essence of my heart & my message that I was trying so hard to figure out how to share with the world. I didn’t even utilize my rounds of efits because she nailed it the very first try. Working with her was a dream & she’s since helped me with another project. If you’re in the business of sharing your heart with others but don’t know how, hire Ashley.
— Ginny Krauss, Brand Strategist
Ashley’s copy is incredible! She truly understands what you want to say and translates it into dreamy copy. Once you receive it, you squeal with joy! You say to yourself, “Ashley “gets” me!”, and then you break into your happy dance!
— Ines Battistini, Joy Strategist
Ashley wrote the perfect pitch email for my apparel line. It matched my tone and style! Ashley completely nailed it! The pitch email made me feel confident and has already gotten amazing feedback from customers so far.
— Sarah Kil, Wake Me Up Goods
Ashley is incredibly gifted with words. She has a way of reaching into your head, hearing what you want you are trying to say and conveying that into copy that is authentic and captivating. She is wonderfully patient and encouraging, an all round lovely person to do business with.
— Roxy Hutton, Brand Stylist
You have totally nailed it. Thank you! I can’t believe how much time bringing you in has saved me. And what you’ve written is better than anything I could have done, yet you’ve described just what’s in my heart.
— Rach Wheatley, Project Breathe
Ashley is phenomenal to work with. Not only was she quick to respond, but she also created unique and really focused content that spoke to my dream clients and emphasized the benefits of my product beautifully!
— Laura James, Graphic Designer
She’s the best! Don’t even bother looking around.
— Jessica Collins
Ashley delivered quickly and thoroughly. I felt like she dug deep into my soul to find the words that were hard for me to say about myself, and she said them for me!
— Megan Fussell
Working with Ashley was everything I hoped it would be. She understood my community and my voice and hit the nail on the head with the copy. Not only did she freakin rock out the copy, but she was encouraging and delivered it with Ashley charm. She is so giving and wants the best for her clients. I will be recommending her to everyone I know!!
— Heather Crabtree
Ashley takes my blah words on a page and turns them into spirited, highly-converting copy. Ashley has a way of being able to translate my personality, my passion, and my programs into words. The result for Reina + Co has been that we’ve sold out our program for Group Coaching and become fully booked for one-on-one coaching (with a waitlist)! It’s incredible to have somebody who is able to make copy sound more like me than I can!
— Reina, Reina & Co
Ashley has been a dream. She gets my brand, gets me, and has a way with words that makes my brand sing. Every time we work together I feel like I have a wonderful collaborative partner who cares about helping my business grow. She is the first person I think of anytime I need copy for just about anything, and she rocks it every single time.
— Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom
You’d be crazy not to work with Ashley. She makes the process so simple and delivered work that exceeded my expectations.
— Tiffany Rosales, Cake Designer
Ashley is an encouragement superhero. I feel so inspired to do more for others every time she shows up.
— Jordanna Rowan, Designer
Ashley is inspirational, aspirational and a wholehearted encourager. She gives her all from a place deep in her heart, and I’m a better woman, entrepreneur and friend because of her.
— Shaina Longstreet, Graphic Designer
Ashley was spot on with my personality and wrote the copy with my voice + some jazz.
— Tina Li, In the Clouds Events
Ashley is very easy to talk too and very knowledgeable about copywriting and connecting with people.
— Chamel Evans
Ashley is full of passion and fire.
— Emily Kelly, Blogger
Ashley is a human sparkler and an encouragement whisperer. I can personally vouch for the epic sparkle she brings to me and the world. And no one, and I mean NO ONE, can inspire you to believe in yourself the way only she can.
— Shanon Doolittle, Fundraising Coach
Ashley shines the light on difficult situations that we all face as entrepreneurs from a place of real experience and genuine love. You will always find an abundance of inspiration and encouragement in her words.
— Scarlett Sturgis, CEO of WickBox
Ashley is a kickass copywriter and she obviously cares about providing quality copy!
— Fran, graphic designer
Working with Ashley was one of the best investments I have made concerning my business. She really got me! She understood my vision!
— Lisa McGainey
Ashley is so lovely with bags full of personality! Her work is just amazing and you HAVE to experience it. Super speedy service with amazing results!
— Mollie Manning, Blogger
Ashley, is a word magician! She brings your story to life and makes you want to share it with the world! I am adored working with Ashley! I am so happy I found her, cannot wait to work with her again!
— Rosalyn Moorehead, Rosalyn Ash Photography
In the time I’ve known Ashley, she has managed to always find a way to cheer for other’s success. She is a wealth of goodness and a blessing to our creative community.
— Ashley Mason
Ashley has this amazing ability to make you feel connected and special even when you’ve only met her online! Her magic is contagious.
— Olivia DeFilippo, Blogger
I deeply appreciated Ashley’s empathy towards my inability to articulate my vision and feelings. What we worked on is exactly what I envisioned.
— Illiah Manger, Graphic Designer
Stop what you’re doing and email Ashley right now.
— Mollie Parks, Makeup Designer
“Ashley is a hard worker with natural writing abilities. Something that would take me hours to create, she just feels and spills out on paper. She was quick to identify my brand and find ways to reach my audience in positive and life-giving ways. I look forward to growing my audience with her help.
— Karen Byker, Newborn Photographer
Ashley is the most brilliant leader I know. Using her words alone, she makes you feel like you can move mountains. The best part? You end up moving some for real.
— Cassy Berthiaume, Visibility Strategist
Ashley is a beast of encouragement. I am continually inspired by her authenticity and appreciate how she pushes me personally and professionally.
— Jessica Freeman, Graphic Designer
Ashley is a life-giver, a woman who empowers other women by building them up through encouragement, community, and believing in who they are and all they have to give.
— Ellie Berry, Photographer