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Social Campaign Strategy Proposal 

Leslie Wong - Burgundy Fox 


To create an Instagram-based social campaign to increase your audience, your visibility, your brand recognition and your engagement from your existing community.



Ideally, we'll refine your message first, then design your campaign out of that place, but I wanted to give you a taste of some of the ideas I think we could do which I am a little obsessed with already.


Do a one to three day campaign where we mobilize people to post a photo of their whole body in a power or celebration pose (as most women tend to only post photos of their face). We will use the campaign to create a culture of celebration for all body types, sizes, colours and frames. Also, we will use rhetoric like, "I stand in my body. My body is beautiful. My body is normal. My body is healing. My body is celebrated." Really play off the analogy of party in all the campaign materials.

2: #dearbodyitsme

Do a one to three day campaign where we mobilize women to write a love letter to their bodies and post about it on Instagram - whether it is one sentence or paragraphs. For example, it could be things, such as:  

Dear body, thank you for taking me all the places I need to go.

Dear body, I am sorry for all the times I spoke meanly to you.

Dear body, I see you and you are ravishing.

Dear body, I know we've fought a lot lately, but let's be friends.

We could use this campaign to make a moment where people not only feel connected to themselves and the bodies they live in, but also open up an honest conversation on how we see our own bodies and how we see one another. We could play off the analogy of a million love letters in all campaign materials.



Ideally, we work together over a period of four months. Three months of preparation and one month of launch and follow-up. 




1. WE Solidify your message.

We'll dig into and refine your message in a messaging intensive, so we can be confident that your campaign is giving people an experience of your amazing message. 


2. Design your campaign concept.

We'll design your campaign and create an action plan for how to take it from concept to execution.


3. Rally the people.

We'll focus on rallying people through your existing community and influencers through pitching. We'll work to get pre-commitments to ensure your campaign is a golden success.


4. Launch the campaign.

We'll launch it on the Internet to amp up excitement into the first day of the campaign, then we'll focus on running the campaign well.


5. Make an invitation. 

We'll make an invitation at the end of the campaign either to plug people in to your community, to sell or to present an opportunity.


6. Analyze and continue building.

We'll analyze how the campaign went and what could be done better for next time. We'll come up with ways to utilize the momentum the campaign has created to move your brand forward.

The Packages



If you want to begin with your messaging alone, this is the package for you. I'll pull you into a messaging intensive where we lay out your core message of your brand and how to weave it through your website, social, and presence. This is the foundation of every powerful social campaign. 


It includes: 

a comprehensive intake 

a 90-min messaging call 

messaging report sent via email 

unlimited rounds of feedback to get it where we want it 


Investment: $447



If you're looking for a strategist for your social campaign, this is the package for you. I'll partner with you to be the strategist behind your campaign as you get full access my brain and we'll see your social campaign launch successfully.


It includes: 

a comprehensive intake and intro call to lay out your vision, desires, and outcomes

bi-weekly fifty-minute calls where we will meet to dig into your message, design your campaign and offer support as you launch the campaign

messaging report 

campaign action plan of attack 

campaign analysis report and leadership plan

unlimited support via email


Investment $597 / month



If you're looking for a strategist and a project manager, this is the package for you. I'll partner with you to not only create a strategy for your campaign, but manage all the moving pieces and communicate with different members of your team to make sure it is all happening on task. 


It includes:

a comprehensive intake and intro call to lay out your vision, desires, and outcomes 

bi-weekly fifty-minute calls where we will meet to offer strategy + support towards launch

custom messaging report 

custom campaign action plan of attack 

custom rallying strategy including pitch template & spreadsheet of contacts  

set up Trello board with all the tasks to be executed

check in with team to make sure everyone is moving forward 

review an unlimited amount of materials including copy and design 

be present during the campaign days to help and support, as needed

custom campaign analysis report and leadership plan 

unlimited support via email, Slack or FB Messenger 


Investment: $997 / month



If you're looking to hand it over and have someone do all the things, this is the package for you. I'll work with you one on one for your message and your campaign concept, but after that, I pretty much take over and make it all happen. 

Investment: custom to campaign concept. 

What kind of results can you expect? So glad you asked!

More followers. Pure and simple.

Increase in engagement from existing community.

To make a splash in the industry of women you're wanting to reach.

Recognition of your message leading to more exposure and PR.

A set-up where it is easy to sell, leading to more sales or a burst of sales. 

I believe that the message and work you're doing to empower women is counter-cultural and so necessary. It would be my passion and delight to work with you.