one-on-one leadership mentoring for business growth


I see an inspirational leader in you and the more you step into your leadership with authenticity and confidence, the more everything you're spearheading grows. 


You know that you were born for beautiful, world-shifting things, but you feel alone and like you're not making the momentum that you imagined you would.

The noise is overwhelming and the how seems impossible. You don't resonate with formulas and left-brained strategy that so many seem to offer and you're craving a space to be seen, to be supported, to play with strategy that actually makes you feel alive and like you can move forward confidently. 

I get you. Seriously. Let's clink those glasses.

 This is why I work with mission-driven, inspirational creatives to help them become leaders, so that they can grow their audience, their income and their impact. 

Since 2013, I've worked with hundreds of creative women and after working with me, these women have gone on to start businesses, quit their day jobs, increase their confidence, launch life-changing movements, bring in thousands of dollars, and be seen as powerful leaders.

These women have taken the world by storm.

And here's the truth: I think you're next.

Ashley has all the best ideas. She seems to intuitively know exactly what resources I need. Every conversation with her about business not only involves great strategy, but genius recommendations to help my business look better and run smoother, so I can work smarter and focus on what matters. Ashley helps me to stay inspired and reminds me constantly that the world needs my voice & my story.
Hannah Shanks


  1. You  feel like your business isn't really you at all and it has left you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. 
  2. You're overwhelmed with everything you need to do and you are lost in an online world that offers so many formulas, with rarely any answers. 

  3. You are struggling to move forward. Plain and simple. 

  4. You know that inside of you is an inspirational leader, someone who is craving to shake up the world with her message and gifts. 
  5. You're craving the space and support to focus on your heart and grow your leadership and biz.  

  6. You often feel like you are not enough and that your self-doubts are sabotaging your success.

  7. You want to feel less alone in building your brand and business.
  8. You have all these amazing goals and ideas, but you're struggling to make them happen. 

  9. You're fighting to be seen with your business and you're feeling the weight of that; not being able to pay your bills, lack of engagement, little impact or feeling discouraged. 

  10. You want to explore intentional strategy in a supportive environment with accountability and encouragement. 


Most of all, you are ready to finally become the leader you're already wired to be, do your work with confidence and light up the world in your unique way.

PS. If you said yes to more then five of those signs, then you're ready. Dang, girl. You are so ready. 


Here's some of what we can do together: 

  • discover your leadership type and what makes you an incredible leader

  • connect with your heart and the work you really want to be doing 

  • refine your core message and how to communicate it effectively 

  • finally launch that game-changing product or offering you've been waiting to start  

  • grow your online presence significantly using intentional strategy 

  • working through the self-doubts and insecurities that have been keeping you stuck

  • build your community with delight and purpose 

  • set boundaries to protect your heart, your energy and your gifts 

  • create a brand experience and culture that people can't stop talking about 

  • gain access to the support, encouragement, resources and opportunities as you do the thang 


Working with Ashley is empowering and she makes it easy to be confident with all of her knowledge and encouragement.

Karen Byker, Family and Newborn Photographer 


how to know if i am the right mentor for you 

I am going to give it to you simply. 

I use a deeply supportive, heart-speaking, intuition based and encouragement focused style of mentoring. I will hold space for you to not only be seen, but to realize the greatness you already have within. You will walk away feeling lighter and empowered to take action while making space for your gorgeous heart (which I believe is your biggest resource in your business). 

Check out my Instagram, sign up for my emails, and listen to some of my interviews to find out if I am the best mentor for you. If you resonate with my message and my heart, I probably am. ;) 


let's talk about what you get

  • a comprehensive intake workbook.
  • one ninety-minute deep dive call to set intentions and goals for our time together.
  • twelve fifty-minute calls where we will meet bi-weekly to talk about your business, check in on the action you're taking and clear through the things that may be holding you back.
  • six months of support via email and Facebook messenger including weekly check-ins. 
  • action steps after every session including recommendations, guided affirmations and prompts, and a beautiful welcome gift in the mail! 
Ashley has enabled me through her encouragement and expertise to gain confidence, find my worth, speak my message, embrace my imperfections, and create a business from the heart.
Kercia Jane, Handletterer and Graphic Designer 

What I believe for you 

I believe that you are already a leader and I believe that as you own that, you can have a business that feels aligned with who you really are, that you're outrageously confident about, and that delivers the work that matters the most to you. 

In our work together, we'll help you become crazy connected to yourself, use intentional strategy to move you forward and to work through the insecurities and fears that are holding you back.

I will become a part of your corner to support you, ask you the heart-questions, encourage you and gives you purposeful ideas and actions to get everything on the inside of you on the outside, so that it can do what it was meant to do.

Change the world.


you're ready to become a leader and receive the support that your heart is aching for. i see it in you.

Get aligned with your heart. Lead uniquely. Grow your impact, your income and your audience.