Heart Dialogue Sessions


If you feel stuck, want to clear a mindset that’s holding you back or are struggling to connect with yourself, you need a heart dialogue session. 


In this sixty-minute session, I will take you through a guided experience of asking your heart questions. You will tune into your inner voice to find clarity, connection and what you need. I’ll also speak intuitive encouragement into your heart too.

The Deets


$147 for 60-min


this is for:

the one who feels stuck and needs a new mindset

  • 60-min 1:1 session
  • Transcript
  • Heart Summary Page with Action Steps
  • Intuitive audio pep talk from Ashley

A Heart Dialogue session with Ashley is a gift I'd grant every woman at any given time. Ashley facilitates a quick reconnection with your highest self. Before the session, I felt insecure, uninspired, anxious and excited for our talk. But, after? Full of joy and faith and rekindled creativity.