three month confidence coaching for women


Become connected to your heart. Transform your imperfection into power. Grow your confidence.

Live fully alive.


It is time for you to stop living in response to your self-doubts and start living in response to your greatness.

There is so much magic inside of you that it could actually turn the world upside down. It is your level of confidence that will determine how much of that magic the world gets to see and how much you will stand in the way of.

You are ready to shed all the things that are sabotaging you and practice authentic confidence instead. I know you're ready because you're here.

Let's get started.


you know it is time to jump in because You are...

  • craving to hear your inner voice, so that you can go from stuck to momentum. 
  • wanting to utilize what your imperfections are offering you. 
  • excited about creating belief systems that give you life and support you. 
  • convinced that when you become alive, everything else starts to thrive, in you and around you. 
  • longing for someone to empower, support and see you for the amazing woman you are.

all the details

This package is designed for the woman who wants the support to create rhythms in her life that increase her confidence. 

  • intake workbook
  • one 90-minute deep dive call to get real and set intentions for our time together.
  • ten 50-minute calls where we will meet bi-weekly to connect to your heart, transform beliefs, reframe imperfection and set action items for confidence-boosts.
  • six months of support via email and Facebook messenger. 
  • action steps after every session including recommendations, guided affirmations and prompts, and a beautiful welcome gift in the mail! 

Ashley moves into your experience with such grace and trust that you can't help but feel held. Like everything you've been carrying, every overwhelming expectation of yourself, is safe to be set down so you can accept the invitation to BE. Not only did Ashley invite the real me to show up, she saw me, understood me, and reminded me of my value; with gentleness, honesty and laughter. I'm wildly grateful for her, just like you will be.

Erin Thorpe, Coach to Sensitives



To give you a safe space to be real, vulnerable and right where you are.

To see the greatness in you and call it out boldly. 

To induce your confidence through questions, action and support.

You can't go wrong with having Ashley in your life. She's insightful, joy filled, wise beyond her years and encouraging. You will learn a lot through her facilitation. She leads you to go deep in a safe way. 
Crystal Burchfield, Young Living