You can't go wrong with having Ashley in your life. She's insightful, joy filled, wise beyond her years and encouraging. You will learn a lot through her facilitation. She leads you to go deep in a safe way. 
Crystal Burchfield, Young Living 
Ashley moves into your experience with such grace and trust that you can't help but feel held. Like everything you've been carrying, every overwhelming expectation of yourself, is safe to be set down so you can accept the invitation to BE. Not only did Ashley invite the real me to show up, she saw me, understood me, and reminded me of my value; with gentleness, honesty and laughter. I'm wildly grateful for her, just like you will be.
Erin Thorpe, Coach to Sensitives
Ashley has all the best ideas. She seems to intuitively know exactly what resources I need. Every conversation with her about business not only involves great strategy, but genius recommendations to help my business look better and run smoother, so I can work smarter and focus on what matters. Ashley helps me to stay inspired and reminds me constantly that the world needs my voice & my story.
Hannah Shanks
Working with Ashley is empowering and she makes it easy to be confident with all of her knowledge and encouragement.
Karen Byker, Family and Newborn Photographer 
Ashley helped me gather and streamline all of my thoughts about launching #SheCanRise. Together we brainstormed and mapped out a timeline for the launch and future of the movement. She helped spark the fire in my belly that had nearly gone out when thinking of the logistics of running a movement. Ashley went above and beyond what I was expecting from this call. 
Mandi Holmes, She Can Coterie 
Working with Ashley is like having this amazingly knowledgable and kind and generous cheerleader, mentor and strategist in your back pocket. She was incredibly accessible and responsive and helped guide lovingly and yet with the right amount of tough love when she felt I needed it.
Jen Vertanen, Going There Podcast 
Ashley provides great direction and inspiration for people who want to start making changes in the world, building movements, and connecting with their community on a different level.
Cassandra Le, Copywriter & Brand Coach 
Ashley is the go-to lady for all things movements. Taking her movement classes were fun, interactive and oh-so helpful.
Rachel Shillcock, Brand Strategist 
She knows her s**t and is so lovely at making it all magic(ally simple) for you.
Deanne Vincent, Empowerment Coach 
Ashley has empowered me through her encouragement and expertise to gain confidence, find my worth, speak my message, embrace my imperfections, and create a business from the heart.
Kercia Jane, Handletterer and Graphic Designer 
Ashley is amazing to work with and has an incredible talent to help you bring your ideas to life. 
Katelyn Kok, Wedding Videographer 
Ashley is so authentic. Her advice, expertise, and encouragement make her such a pleasure to work with! Plus, she makes me laugh. 
Mia Sutton, Blogger & Editorial Manager 
Working with Ashley in several capacities has been a key component for me experiencing a shift in my mindset with my business. Her knowledge and unconditional positive regard for those she works with helped me define my purpose in my business and gave me the confidence to be my authentic self for the betterment of my business. 
- Stacy Carosa, Photographer and Founder of The Natural Wanderer