10 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Movement


Okay, guys. Movement making is my jam. And I consider it to be one of my biggest missions to show you that creating a movement for your brand can create epic results in your business. Whether you're a service-based business, selling products, teaching, or running communities or non-profits, you can use this tool to help you grow. 


Movement making is like taking community building, visibility and leadership development on steroids. Sounds pretty good, right? 


And so to start us off on this convincing journey, I am going to share with you ten reasons why your brand needs a movement. You ready to dig in? 


You become known for your message. 

Every strong movement is built upon a message. Because of that, you will inevitably become known for whatever that message is. That's why it is so important to know your message clearly for yourself, but also get ready to become the go-to for that topic. Seriously. Get ready.


You build a community of engaged people. 

Have you ever created or launched something and then when you put it out there, it just seemed to fall flat? Worst. Feeling. Ever. By running a movement for your brand, you'll not only grow the size of your audience, but you'll cultivate a community; a community people who are invested in your mission and ready to be a part of whatever you've got. 


You stand out in your industry. 

I have this big thing about not just waiting for someone to see the greatness in you, but you have to see it in yourself and go after it. A lot of people wait to be chosen, but you can decide that you already are and create the opportunities you want. Movements make stand out brands. 


Your numbers inevitably grow. 

Numbers aren't the point, but they do matter when you're growing a business or an online presence. We all know that, we've all been there. Running a movement in your brand will cause all your numbers to rise as you welcome in your dream audience. Social media, email subscribers, and everything in between. Let it come. 


You change people's lives.

One of the best parts of movement making is the opportunity to change someone's life. You get to be a part of someone's story and you get to use your message, your heart and your work to impact them. That's something that will never grow old. 


You give your audience a taste of who you are.

One of the big pieces of movement making that I teach is that you get to design an experience for your audience or audience-to-be that gives them a taste of who you are. You get to create this moment that transforms their life or business even in just the most little of ways. That gives them a taste of who you are and if I know anything about you, I know they'll be hooked. 


You get featured.

There is something about leading movements that gets you this credibility where people want to hear what you have to say. They want to interview you on their blogs, podcasts and series. They want to have you write for them, be experts in their programs, and come and speak at their events. Being featured is just what happens. 


You develop your leadership. 

You wanna grow your leadership? You want to be seen as a leader? You want to be known for a new way of thinking, doing or being? Start a movement. Throw yourself into it and you'll pick up the skills to lead your life, lead people and lead a mission. 


You grow your revenue. 

I have this joke that when you're leading movements in your brands, you don't need to worry about warming your audience because it is hot, hot, hot. People are ready. They're ready to participate, ready to buy, ready to give. It is just about knowing what you want to offer.


You build insane recognition. 

People start to know you. They start to know of you. You'll walk into a room and people will recognize you and your work. You get talked about (in the best of ways). And there is this organic and genuine buzz that happens from there.


So, tell me. Are you convinced yet? Are you ready to create a movement for your brand? Tell me in the comments!