How to Tell the Difference Between Your Audience, Your Community and Your Movement


I am so excited to break down three really important definitions when it comes to the people you have being gathered around your brand. And those three terms are: audience, community and movement. 


Because these three terms don't actually describe the same thing, and I want to break them down for you, so you can know what you have currently in your brand and what you want to build. Let's get right into it, shall we? 



Your audience are the people who want to know what you're doing. They're watching and they're listening, but they are keeping their distance. They've likely opted into your email list and they follow you on social media, yet they probably have not yet taken the leap to work with you or become invested in anything you're doing.

How to take this group to the next level: build trust with your audience, so that they'll dive in and invest. 



Your community are the people who have become invested in what you're doing and not only have they received something from you, but they're active and engaged. So maybe they're up in your Facebook groups, taken part in your free offerings, or worked with you in your services or courses. They think highly of you and they don't want to just want to watch what you're doing, but they want to be a part of what you're doing. 

How to take this group to the next level: create opportunities for your community to experience your message, so that they'll move from community members to brand activists for you. 



Your movement are the people who are not only invested in what you're doing, but now carry your vision and want to tell the world about it too. Beyond taking part in the things you're doing and being active and engaged in your community, they want to help you bring your message to the world because of how much they've been transformed by you. 

How to take this group to the next level: bring leadership and monetize your movement, so that you can be supported to take this to the world and impact lots of lives without burning out. 


As you have maybe guessed, I am all about getting you to the third level. I want to bring you from audience to community to movement. Because when you do that, you get into this magical place where your audience trusts you and they're experiencing transformation on the regular which leads them to not only be involved with you, but tell the world about it. 


So, what currently describes the people gathered around your brand? And where do you want to be? I sure hope you'll say movement. ;)