Why Being Highly Sensitive Makes You Brilliant


It is time for a pep talk for my feelers and my sensitive hearts. You're amazing. You're more loved than you know. You can reveal yourself and know that how you are made is both perfect and powerful. 


I have been sensitive my entire life. I have been that girl in the grocery store and walking down the street with tears streaming down my cheeks for only-God-knows-why hiding under my sunglasses. I have been the one to walk into a room and start to pick up so intensely on sadness, on fear, on bitterness that I've had to leave the room. I have sat in a movie theatre and become overwhelmed by a story that I am just about to throw myself on the ground and weep or something. Real talk. 


You know that moment that comes when you start to feel something so strong that it is like it is invading your entire being -- your body, your spirit, your soul? And when people tell you to just 'get over it' - you're all like, "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW." And I know that it can be easy to just push it all down or numb yourself on something so that you don't have to deal with all the damn feelings.


But the point you're missing is that your sensitivity does not make you weak, it makes you brilliant.


Your sensitivity makes you empathetic. You speak into hearts with such compassion and wisdom. 

Your sensitivity makes you creative. You play big with ideas and art and create something that the world hasn't even seen yet.

Your sensitivity makes you gorgeous. In the way that you experience all of life in everything it has to give, in all its darkness and in all its light.

Your sensitivity makes you such a dynamic connector. Girl, you got an ability to see into the souls of people and make people feel like they are seen, like actually. 

Your sensitivity doesn't make you too much or a burden or a liability. Your sensitivity gives you a voice, making you powerful in a generation that is so often numbed-out. 


Bring all your power and all your perspective. Bring all your vulnerability and all your rawness. Bring all your stories and all your words. Bring all your feelings and all your fire.


You are glorious.