When the Online Business World Feels like a Clique (And You're Not Invited)

Anyone who has a creative online business knows just how small that world can get. There are amazing women doing amazing things online; those who have been doing it for years and those who have been doing it for a hot minute and some are crazy successful while others are constantly trying to find their footing. 


And in the midst of all of that, have you ever been on the receiving end of feeling like you're on the fringes? Have you ever felt like you don't look like the rest of them or you don't sound like the rest of them? Have you ever felt like you just don't fit in? 


Confession: I have. 


I have at times felt like I knocked on a thousand doors a thousand times only for it to never be answered. I have tried so many ideas that flopped, so many that no one really seemed to have a liking for. I have wondered in my heart that maybe I am not pretty enough or skinny enough or flawless enough to have an online business. 


And what I have stumbled upon is that most of us who will never fit the mould of what we or anyone else thinks a woman in business should look like. Some of us wear high heels and some of us wear flip flops. Some of us love lip gloss and some of us love coconut oil. Some of us want to travel the world and some of us want to stay snuggled in our couch. It is not about what it looks like. Because here's the thing: 


Not everyone will love you. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will want to be your best friend. 


The more you realize that your greatest purpose in running your business is not to make other people happy, but to feel alive by what you do, the more freedom you will find. Your job is not to knock on a thousand doors to find a thousand open arms, but your job is to give what is inside of you as lavishly and as well as you can. 


Sometimes it is like we are still waiting to be one of the cool kids. To be invited to the table. To wish that we were the popular ones. 


But what if it is less about waiting to be invited to the table and more about creating a feast for others right where you are instead? 


Maybe that shift in focus is everything.