30 Ways to Get More Visible with Your Business

One of the biggest keys to success that I see over and over again starts with embracing who you  are as a leader and then using that moment to catapult yourself into visibility: getting before your ideal audience consistently. 


The more times people even just see you, the more they feel they can trust you. 


But, sometimes visibility can feel really hard. It can feel a little scary or like you're not ready and what is no one thinks you're awesome? It brings your self-doubts to the surface like woah. But, that's actually a good thing. Because it can make you aware of what's really holding you back from being visible and bringing your presence. 


Get visible. Be known. Get trusted. 


I've put together a bunch of ideas for ways you can get more visible today. 


1. Guest blog. 

2. Get interviewed on a podcast. 

3. Be active in Facebook groups consistently. 

4. Help others more than you ask. 

5. Do a joint webinar with a fellow creative. 

6. Pitch an article website such as Huffington or MindBodyGreen.

7. Set up three coffee dates to get to know people (in person or virtually) in your industry. 

8. Be present on social media in a life-giving and intentional way. 

9. Create video content or a video series. 

10. Make your website one that people want to hang out in. 

11. Use the power of your email list and send emails on a regular basis, whatever that looks like for you. 

12. Blog your heart out. 

13. Plan a local event, whether it be a workshop or a party. Show your gorgeous face. 

14. Start a Facebook group of your own! 

15. Begin a weekly Twitter Chat.

16. Attend a networking event. 

17. Plan a giveaway. 

18. Write a press release about your business and send it to the media. 

19. Run a social media campaign. 

20. Email three people you admire in business, just to tell them you love them. 

21. Collect testimonials that speak of your genius and post them on your website, maybe even weaving them in social media. 

22. Pitch an event to become one of their guest speakers. 

23. Tell your family and friends what you do! Honestly, they might now know. Give em' a bundle of your business cards. 

24. Run a challenge. People love to grow. 

25. Organize a virtual summit. 

26. Plan a collaboration. The potential is limitless whether you do a paid product or free project. 

27. Make it easy for people to share the work that you do. 

28. Attend a creative conference where you know your dreamy audience will be hanging out at. 

29. Send mail. For fun. 

30. Always lift people up. Always leave people better than how you found them. Always be kind. 


What are you going to do next to give more of your presence and be seen?