The One Thing You Need to Stop Saying


There is this thing I hear you say sometimes. You spit out your brilliant idea spun with creatively that is so insanely and uniquely you. You pour out your passion like hot coffee in the midst of our conversation and we both get caffeinated by the sheer genius. And just as my heart is about to leap out of my chest with a fist pump and a "YES!" -  I hear it. 


You say, "But I mean everyone is already doing it." 


Oh, they didn't.  But you did. 


Because somewhere along the line someone convinced you that your ideas aren't good enough. Someone got in your face and got you to believe that there will always be someone bigger and someone better. From that kid who always beat you at sports, that co-worker who always seemed to out-shine or that sibling who always took first.


Or maybe simply from this massive maze of windows we call the Internet where comparing our lives to one another could easily become a hobby.


But there is something you're missing here. There is something that maybe you don't even see. 


So you know I am about to lay it out for you.


You are amazing. You are a genius. You have ideas that aren't just oh-wouldnt-that-be-nice fluff but they are real answers. You think maybe it has already been done and maybe it has been done a million times, but here is the clincher.


It has never been done by you.


And that idea in you is something that has never been seen before.


We've never seen eyes light up like that. 


We've never seen your personality, your passion, your skill, your gifting merge in one place like this. 


We've never seen your voice say those words and your hands create this. 


And so that idea you're holding onto and the ones you've let go of because it has already been done, stop dismissing and start creating.


The potential and hope in you is enough to take me out of my seat. 


So bring it. 


Bring it and don't you dare hold back for a moment.