The Ache of Being a Visionary

I remember the first time I felt passion consume my insides. I grew up feeling like I was just this shy girl who never really had much to say and that, that is all that I would become. I thought that there would never be a place for me where I felt like I truly belonged and that I would just be a girl for the sidelines.


Little did I know that believing that was cheating me from my purpose and potential. 


It wasn't until I had an experience of being loved that I began to really come alive. And I look back at that time remembering that it was almost like this woman of passion had always been locked inside, but love was the only thing that could awaken her again. 


I busted out of my shell like a firefighter, and I grew in confidence and boldness almost by the daily. I literally felt myself transforming visibly in front of my eyes. And it defined me. That journey changed me. 


It was when the visionary in me was born. 


And for the last ten years, that has been my story. This newborn visionary finding her way, trying new things, getting a little messy and creating some beautiful things in my wake. But what I want to talk most about today is the ache of being a visionary. 


The ache of visionary is where you hold the thrill of what's possible and the ache of what is not-yet. And it isn't just like a subtle thing, but a deep yearning held inside. 


You're floored by the vision of what you see that does not yet exist in your life or in the world. It could be so many things; maybe you see new communities of people coming together, an event that could transform a life, a product that solves a problem, or a message that simply just needs to be told. And it is like a fire within. 


You're ready to go for it, you're going to make it happen. Fear doesn't even have a place because that passion has ultimately taken over. When you look out into the world, all you still see is possibility. You meet people and you instantly become like this living, breathing rally call. 


Because what you've seen has changed you and you honestly cannot shut up about it. 


You bring that to your business, you bring that to your relationships, you bring that to how you show up in the world. It is seeped into the very core of who you are.


But on the other hand, you're almost face-slapped with the reality of this life. You've got bills sitting in your inbox and family that needs to be taken care of. You've got issues in your own life, things that hold you back and fears that keep rearing their head over and over again. You are failing at things every once in awhile, life becomes a little messy, and you think, "how can I do this?" 


And that's where the ache enters. Because you're held between two different realities. 


When you're in this tension and you're feeling that overwhelming ache, there is only one thing that I think you can do. And that is to keep going. 


Whatever you're doing, just keep going. See the vision and feel the ache, but never stop moving. 


This will be your power because the world is full of people who've been discouraged by the ache in them and thought that it meant they weren't going to make it. I am actually offering a different perspective that the ache is a gift to you and a reminder to keep on moving. 


So often people quit just before their breakthrough. And I believe you're going to have a different story. I believe you're going to push through, you're going to move and you're going to see your vision fulfilled. 


Giving up is not who you are. That's not what visionaries are born for. Stand tall, press through and never stop rising. 


Because on the other side of this thing, you will the greatest expression of your own creativity, heart and imagination. And that my friend is a legacy that no one can buy or sell, it must simply be lived.