The 5 Types of Posts that Stand Out in Facebook Groups

Do you ever feel like you post in business Facebook groups and all you crickets? But then, you watch someone else post and they get flooded with comments? And you're kind of wondering what you did wrong or what your post was missing? 


Girl, I got you. 


I've had posts in Facebook groups receive over 500 likes on just one post or hundreds of comments.  I've built partnerships, launched businesses and made many, many clients. So I know what I am talking about. Just from experience. 


Part of the reasons some posts get more engagement than others is about relationship. If you are consistently giving you a community and showing up and people know you, you're more likely to receive engagement than if you just stop in, drop your stuff and roll on out. 


But there are five different types of posts that instantly stand out. 


1. The Introduction Post. 

This post can only be done once, but it is a post in which you introduce yourself in a Facebook group for the first time! Don't keep re-introducing yourself like it is your first time. You can always remind people of who you are, but only introduce yourself once. Share who you are and what you do, but also share simple details about yourself because it creates connection.



2. The Story Post. 

In this post, you share an intimate part of yourself and your journey. You allow people to get a glimpse into who you are for the sake of them not only knowing you, but being encouraged, inspired or learning something they hadn't before. It could be the journey of launching a new product, a mistake you've made or a success you've just had. 



3. The Community Post. 

The goal of this post is to create connection or community that goes beyond the Facebook group. Example, if you want to set up some virtual coffee dates, collaborate, find someone to do business with, hire an individual, or invite people into the work you're doing without ever promoting yourself. 



4. The Idea Post. 

This is a great idea if done with wisdom to stand out and grab the hearts of people. You have an idea you haven't poured into quite yet and are looking to see if there is a market for you. It can help you decide if an idea is right for the market as well as build community around an idea that hasn't even had any work put into it yet. Gold. 



5. The Encouragement Post. 

In this post, you're simply stopping in to encourage or inspire. You want to make someone's day or speak life into anyone who is reading your words. This is simply pouring your heart out and not looking for anything in return, but just to love people. These are by far my most favourite to do. 



Plus, here are two extra tips to boost posts. 

1. Use imagery. 

2. Shorter is better. 


Have you tried these types of posts? Which ones have helped you stand out?