Read This When You Want to Give Up on Your Dreams

Your dreams take hard work. 


Maybe you feel overwhelmed with everything you need to get done. Maybe your relationships have been under stress. Maybe your to-do list is longer than you can handle. Maybe nothing ever seems to work with success no matter how much effort you give it. 


You are not alone. Welcome to the legion of fierce and wild women. Put your hair down and take a seat girl because I've got some sweet words to share with you. 


You are doing something so many people don't have the courage to do. You're stepping out of yourself with your fire and saying, "This is important. This matters." You're using risk and sweat and tears to build and create and ask questions and make something beautiful. That's damn fearlessness. Even when you can't see it, even when it doesn't feel like it. 


Your impact goes way beyond what you can see. It is smiles. And encouragement. And information. And messages shared. And how you made people feel. That's something that will never be held within numbers or social media reports or bank statements. That's an impact written on the heart of every single person you meet. And that's extravagant impact. 


You're a success. You're a success for showing up and giving this your everything. 

You're a warrior. You're a warrior for getting creativty and messy with your life. 

You're a powerhouse. You're a powerhouse for not just dreaming, but doing. 


Even if the give-up is hitting you in the heart right now, keep going. Just pick up one little thing and do it. Make something. Create something. One step, just one step. You've got this. 


If you are tired and weary, get yourself some rest. Don't let burn-out be your reality. Operate out of fullness; full heart, full mind, full body, full spirit. Do something that restores you and makes you totally alive. 


This is your time to shine. Shout with me one, "HELL YES" to your dreams. The world will thank you for it.