The Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself When You're Procrastinating

Raise your hands if you've struggled with procrastinating. I'm raising both. I have so many ideas of things I want to do or projects that need my attention, but instead you can find me on Netflix or walking around the mall. 


I love what I do and I am passionate about working with people, so why am I procrastinating and why am I holding off? Have you asked yourself those same questions? 


I believe that one of the biggest answers to that comes down to fear. There is a fear wrangling itself in there. Maybe a fear of a failed launch, a fear of not impressing clients, or a fear that in someway you just won't measure up. 


And an amazing way to deal with fear is to give it attention and discover what is really going on. I am a huge fan of asking questions because it allows you to dig deep into your own heart and to do it with compassion. 


Let's jump into three questions you must ask yourself the next time you're procrastinating. 


1.  What am I afraid of? 


2. What has that fear convinced me is going to happen? 


3. What would happen if instead of procrastinating, I did the work? 


Your turn! Try it out and tweet me to let me know what happens! 


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