10 Examples of Pitches For Creatives

Pitching is one of the most necessary skills to have as a creative entrepreneur. As someone who is trying to make your dreams happen, it is not only important to know how to sell services or offerings, but to sell ideas and create connections that empower you to create amazing opportunities.

Through pitching, you can go from 'just another option' to the 'obvious answer.' You can create opportunities that cause you to stand out as a leader. You can gain insane visibility and emerge as one to follow in your industry.

I am going to go over with you a ton of different opportunities you can create through pitching to get you dreaming big about the kinds of opportunities you can create. 



Being interviewed on podcasts can give you amazing visibility. The beauty of podcasts is just how much they can showcase your heart and personality. If you want to be seen as an expert, podcasts are your thang. 


Guest Blogs

Posting for big websites, contributing to collective blogs and pitching people in your industry to lend your voice can be the perfect starting point to get your voice out there. Huffington Post, anyone?


Interviews / Media

Whether you're looking to be showcased by traditional media, go viral on the Internet or jump onto an organic publication, you can pitch your message and get published in print. 



If you're a maker or own a product business, you can pitch your products to be in stores, gain wholesale accounts or connect with influencers to be ambassadors for your line. 



If you do digital products, you can use your connections and past clients to create affiliates for your courses and downloads to get your products before new audiences and up the cash flow. 


Social Media Campaigns

You can create social media campaigns such as The Imperfect Boss to create movement to your business with your message. You'll need a lot of collective force behind them and pitching can get you there.


Creative Collaborations

Joining forces with creatives, whether it just be one or it be hundreds at once, can bring life to your brand. Do a webinar, a challenge, partner together on an offering, or do a virtual summit, the options are truly endless! 



There is a way to pitch and get clients without being sleazy and doing mass emails. If you know you can genuinely help someone, you can pitch what you offer out of a heart to serve. 


Brand Sponsorships

Maybe you're wanting to work with brands, do sponsored social media content or you want to find a sponsor for your next event, pitching brands is an art you'll want to learn. 


Dream big! What types of pitches do you want to do next and who would is the dreamiest person you can think of to do them with? 

Write it down. This is how it starts. 




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