The Pressure to Be an Overnight Success

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt this pressure. It was this pressure to be amazing, and to be successful faster than anyone would ever expect me to be.


When I entered the online business world, I felt that pressure get even bigger. I became looped in this world of the six figure hustle and where it seemed like, people would pop out of nowhere and suddenly rise to the top while I felt like I was working my butt off with few results. 


The pressure was paralyzing.


It would prey on my insecurities and take the life right out of me. As I would run on this hamster wheel of trying to do all the things, I was exhausting my energy becoming a woman I was never born to be. And I had to make a decision to break up with the pressure.


I had to decide that I was not going to be an overnight success, but that I was going to build an intentional, beautiful business instead. 


I found that so often this entrepreneurial journey gets painted as a moment, when really it is a journey of many moments. It is not this magical coming together of everything where success suddenly happens, but it is many days and many tries and many tears and many joys. It is this brave adventure of discovering what you have to give and learning how to execute it well .


Running business is not about finding your arrival moment, it is about committing to a journey to bring all that you have to give. 


And no matter how many people try to click bait you or seem like they rise around you while you stay small, know that you are on your own journey with your own process. And that their greatness doesn't take your moment from you. Their greatness doesn't add to your pressure.  It simply inspires you for what's possible. 


You are free to run your business your way without the pressure of being successful quickly or slowly. You decide the pace.


And you get to choose what works for you. That's the beauty of this entrepreneurial game, you're free. Sometimes we forget that, but my girl, you've always been free; we have always been free.