What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Brings to Their Online Business


I am absolutely obsessed with Myers-Briggs personality tests. I have been for the last few years. I am always getting people to take it and when I meet people who are the same as me (holler ENFP!) -- I feel an instant bond.

This personality test more than any other has not only hit the nail on the head for me but has made me feel deeply understood, as well as very aware of my weaknesses. 

And I know, I am not the only one! There are many of us who Myers-Briggs superfans. Let's start a club.

It is so fun to see how these personalities show up in people who run online businesses and so here's my fun crack on the gifts that each one brings. 


The Analysts

INTJ: Bring out all the planning tools and the strategy. You are set to take over the world and you will do whatever it takes to get there. We can probably find you in your agenda or on Trello. 

INTP: Overflowing with brilliant ideas, you know that you have what you need to make it happen. The only downside is, to be sure, that you do not run anyone over in the process. ;) You are a sharp mind mixed with a tenacious spirit. You run for the long haul. 

ENTJ: You are efficient, dynamic and can command a room. People genuinely want to follow you. You are probably one of those tough-love types and people are either drawn to that presence or completely polarized. 

ENTP: What I love about you is your ability to break all the rules to make something happen. Your energy for new ideas and ability to lead makes you an amazing force in online business. Just don't forget to stay practical. 


The Diplomats

INFJ: You tirelessly fight for people and for the vision you've got in your heart. You are passionate and determined. Your introvert nature runs parallel to your sheer power. When the perfectionist in you wants to take over, stay vulnerable. 

INFP: You are able to bring such a compassionate gift to the emotional processes that people are in and you inspire the best in people! You love to pay attention to the needs of other people and the clients you have. Just make sure to take care of you too. 

ENFJ: You love to engage with people. You love to get on social media and meet all the people! Your gift is really helping people tap into their strengths to become massive successes. My encouragement to you is simply to deal with your inner stuff, so you never put that on other people. 

ENFP: You could really do anything (and I am not just saying that because I am one!) but you hold a determination to go after your dreams and inspire people in the process. You feel big and you are all types of idealistic. Don't be afraid to feel your feelings and also get practical or find people who can push you in that way.


The Sentinels

ISTJ: You've got your inner values, that mean so much to you and they are what make you, you. You are both a creative problem solver, but also hold so much gift for systems and automation in business. You're quick to execute those big ideas and new offerings as long as they light you and your values up. Don't let the anxiety of what is happening around you get you down, babycakes. 

ISFJ: You know what you're good at! You are always learning about it and perfecting it to really help your online community. It is really important for you to feel secure, so getting finances in order is a big thing for you, but you also really want to serve people. Make sure to keep finding that balance between what is good for you and what is good for your audience, so you don't burn out! 

ESTJ: You've got the creative solutions. More than about just creating anything, you can actually solve problems and help people transform. You're not afraid to think outside of the box or bring different voices into whatever work you're doing. But when plans have to change, as sometimes they inevitably do, be spontaneous! it'll help your heart. 

ESFJ: What I so love about you is your ability to love and nurture people, community, and clients but also take care of yourself with amazing boundaries. You genuinely want to make a difference in the world and every time you say no, it helps you make that bigger difference. Make sure to invest in your internal motivation before that procrastination will at some point want to step in. 



ISTP: You do things from start to finish! This is a big deal and it is awesome. You can plan well, make good decisions and stay really practical about what you're doing. The bonus of this is that you REALLY do thwe things that you talk about. You do everything out of logic, so be sure, when you're working with dreamers, that you allow them the space to feel too. 

ISFP: You are highly passionate and creative. You are so in tune with yourself and the people around you. You love trying new things (like getting on camera for example) because of the adventure. The biggest block for you is hands down self-doubt. Don't let you stand in the way of you. 

ESTP: You are entrepreneurial in your core. You set goals and take action. Then repeat. Your adventurous spirit mixed with your logical mind makes you an absolute force. You can do so many things well! Your thing to always keep in mind? Remember your focus. 

ESFP: You love people, but are totally independent. The beauty of that is that you can really serve people while staying true to your gut. Your'e amazing at mentoring as well, because you can take your own insights and apply it to other people's lives. You bring strength. Since you're so strong, constantly push back on the urge to do everything by yourself. 


Did yours ring true for you? Tell me in the comments!