The Five Leadership Types of women in Online Business

There are five stand-out leadership types that I see with women in business. Often, they overlap and they are in no ways a box, but they can help us define where are gifts are really at, so we can shine all the more. 


You are a leader and the faster you can accept that, the more fulfilled and successful you will become. 


Maybe your leadership doesn't look how you thought it would. Maybe it isn't board rooms and spreadsheets. Maybe it is messy and maybe it is wild. But I am telling you in the core of who you are, there is a leader. And you have an ability to bring people into something that no one else can.


The benefit of that is that as you embrace who you are as a leader, you will immediately find yourself come more into who you are. You will begin attracting your audience. You will start to make money doing what you love. You will make a bigger impact than you ever dreamed.


This is important. Leadership is so important. 


So, let's jump in! Here are the five types I see show up often.


the creator

You are creative to your very core. Whether that looks like you are straight up doing art, designing products or creating community, you are using your passion to create something out of nothing. You lead people into new experiences that they have never had before. Your gift is that you can give people a taste of a new way to live and inspire them to get a little messy too. 

the heart

You have this amazing, intuitive ability to see people where they are at and bring them where they want to go. You are gifted at connecting with people, speaking into their hearts and seeing them transform from the inside out. You are empathetic, supportive and alive. You have a fire inside of you and that fire calls out to all those you interact with. 

the strategist

You, my friend, are skilled at making things happen in a big way. You have an uncanny ability for detail and a mindset for action. You help lead people into creating the things they have only dreamt about. You can kick people in the butt and act as a contagious catalyst. You get results for your people fast and it is born of how much you believe in them. 

the friend

Your power is in how relational you are. You may not be the loudest, but your strength is in how you can create connection with people and step into their corner. You relate to people in a way that is authentic and real. People feel like they can really know you and that if things are possible for you, why they cannot be possible for them too? You may be introverted or even shy, but you are absolutely a leader. 

the thought leader

You have a brilliant mind. You are amazing at thinking up systems, approaches, exercises and lifestyles for how people can attain their dreams or the things they're really after. Not only that, but you can inspire people to join you. You are seen as an expert and one to follow and if you use that well, you will absolutely change lives. 


Which one do you resonate with the most or which ones do you think make up your leadership style? 


PS. Want to grow in your leadership and build your influential brand? Let's do it, together.