8 Small Signs That You're Killing It At Your Online Business

Here's the thing. You're probably doing better than you think you are. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. Because you have your full experience, all the darkness and all the light, that sometimes it can be difficult to see what is really happening from the outside in. 


You are likely more successful, more brave, more accomplished, and more powerful than you sometimes feel. 


Find yourself among these signs and celebrate where you are. Celebrate where you've come from and celebrate where you're going. Because you're amazing. You're giving this your all. You're making it work and it is happening. 


That deserves all the champagne, standing ovations, and confetti pops in the world. 


1. You get up every morning and you do one thing for your business. Most people will never make movement on their dreams. This makes you epic. 


2. You have a testimonial or an email or a screenshot of someone who has told you a story of how they have been impacted by your life and your work. 


3. You know who you're serving. You know what they look like, where they live, what they love, what they absolutely hate, where they're struggling and where they want to go. 


4. You show up on social media. You've picked one or two or a few where you intentionally show up and give of your heart. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest -- you're giving your presence and it is beautiful. 


5. You've made money. I don't care how much it is, but you've made money. You've paid a bill. That's powerful. You created something that someone invested in and was better for it. 


6. There are those who follow you, who love what you have to say and who jump at the opportunity to hear your message. Whether it is one, fifty or it is a million, that is influence. 


7. You're constantly learning and growing. Maybe you know how to work Photoshop and you never did before. Maybe you now have experience public speaking. Maybe you know more about marketing than ever in your life before. 


8. You can visibly see your transformation and you have increased your confidence. Maybe when you first started, you weren't totally sure. But more and more, you've learned how to own who you are. 


What sign do you resonate with the most? Share with me in the comments!