Introducing the #wearefireandlight campaign!

We are so excited to officially announce to the Internet world! We have been hustling behind the scenes to make this a success! So without making you wait any longer, let's jump in! 

The #wearefireandlight campaign is running from October 19th to 21st. For three days, we will send a social media blitz into the world answering this simple statement: "My fire is ______ and _____ will not extinguish it." We will set you up with social media graphics, downloads, worksheets and encouragement to empower you to answer this statement for yourself, declare it to the world and provoke a generation of women to do the same. 

We will send the message that, "your fire is important and nothing can stop you" to women everywhere. 

To end the campaign, we'll do one epic giveaway and Twitter Party and I just know the energy is going to be ridiculous. 

For more information, jump onto the campaign website and sign up to be a part. 

Let's leave the world better than we found it, fireworks. 

Let's give the world the biggest firework show it has ever seen.