How to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out

I am so excited to give you tips to make your Twitter absolutely stand-out online. You want people to come across you and think, "Man! I wanna connect with her!" You can set up your profile in such a way that makes you outstanding, irresistable and reflects the heart of who you are (which is what makes you obviously magnificent). 

Let's jump in! 


Get a picture of you that exudes personality.

I hope we don't have to have this conversation, but if you've got the egg picture on there. Girl. Get to work and change it already. Having pictures of you with other people, blurry images or ones where you look like you want to kill me aren't going to work either. Get an image of you up there that is totally you and high-quality. 

Here's an example of someone who does it really well. Yes Ashley, we are looking at you. Not only does she look really happy, but approachable and kind! And that's exactly who she is. 


Link-droppers, this is for you.

There are a lot of Twitter people who just drop links and run. I do think Twitter is a fantastic platform for sharing content, but if it just links to your Instagram and that's all that happens, not many genuine connections are likely to happen. Get on, even if it is once a week and schedule out a few tweets here and there. People want to hear from you! 

Here's an example of someone with a great Twitter feed, who sure drops some links, but also provides great content! Amazing Jessica does this well! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.09.47 PM.png


Twitter Bio.

This is the big one for me. Write your Twitter Bio in such a way that people read and instantly connect with the heart of who you are. Put something in there that infuses your personality. Maybe about how you live off diet-coke. You are a chronic joke-teller. You get happy over oceans. You want to find your husband. Haha! Don't be bland, be you! (Because you is not bland). 

Some people who exude this well are Morgan, Kayla, Jess and Ellie

You can use Twitter to stand out and create incredible connections! Use these three tips and watch the difference it'll make. 

Like seriously. Watch.