How to Use Connection Calls to Change Your Business

Do you hate networking? Me too. Do you sometimes feel crazy lonely running in your own business? Me too. Do you wish that it was easier for you to connect with people one-on-one in your industry? Me too. 


That's why I created this system I use every single week called Connection Dates


Since the start of 2016, I have done connection dates with over 130 women. Amazing, right? To some that might sound exhausting and maybe is a tad ambitious, but even by doing one connection date a week, you'll feel less alone and you'll also really stand out because people will really get to know you. 


So, what is a connection date?

It is a short, one-on-one Skype or phone date with a friend-to-be or maybe even an existing friend who also runs a business. You get to meet each other, hear one another's story and see how you can encourage one another. 


What's the goal of them?

The focus has to be encouragement and connection. It is what makes them different than a networking call. How can you encourage the person on the other side + how can you both walk away feeling more refreshed and inspired than you did when you came in? Aka. Don't call it a connection call and be sleazy or turn it into a sales call. That is not what this is. FYI. 


My System for How I Do Connection Calls


1. Set up a day and time in my calendar when I do connection calls. For me, I do them on Tuesdays. 


2. Set up an event in my calendar scheduler (I use Calendly) and have that link on hand to send to those who I am setting up meetings with. 


3. Shoot a message or email to someone I am wanting to connect with and ask them out for a connection date. What's the worst they can say!? No? I can handle it, and so can you. 


4. If someone approaches me for a chat, I hand them over that same link. Sometimes I even use Facebook groups to do open calls for connection dates. YOLO .


5. When I get on the phone, I use three steps to guide that conversation: ask them about themselves, ask them about their business, ask them how I can support them. Naturally, they'll ask me those same questions back. 


Ta-da! That's my easy-peasy system. And what happens when you make these a regular thing in your business? Not only do you get to connect with more people on a human level, but the beauty and the bonus of that is you'll probably also get more referrals, more clients and just a lot more encouragement in the day-to-day operations of your biz. 


Who are you going to book a call with?