How to Rock a Twitter Chat (and Our Favorite Ones!)


We have hosted over one hundred Twitter Chats since #fireworkpeople started. Though, we call them parties because doesn't that sound so much more fun than a chat? We might have a thing for dancing and confetti though. 


Through this time, we've seen people really excel in them and others really flounder. Out of that, we've thrown together some tips! And then we shout-out some of our most favorite chats because community is awesome. 


1. Be yourself!

You're really awesome. You just are. Don't feel like you need to be someone else in order to succeed in a chat. You being genuine and authentic is the best thing you can do. So if you're funny and carefree, be that. If you're intense and passionate, be that. If you're a little of both, be that! 


2. If you're overwhelmed, focus on one or two people to really connect with.

You can almost let them be like your anchors. The more involved you get with the chats, you'll get familiar with people. But if it is moving too quickly for you, it will ground you to stay involved and engaged. 


3. Engage with people.

See how other people are answering to the questions and respond to what they're saying! Whether it be with a, "yes! me too!" or a piece of advice or just some encouragement, bring it to the table. These chats can be an incredible way to make connection with people. 


4. Show up consistently.

The best twitter chats happen when people consistently show up. It is over time that you build that sense of belonging, community and camaraderie with people. And that will genuinely impact you and other people. It is sweet to belong. 


5. Use people's names.

Sure, we are all sitting behind screens but we are people. You wouldn't believe how meaningful it is when you use people's names as you tweet back and forth with them. 


6. Bring your inspiration.

If you've got something inspiring to say or an opinion on the topic that you feel really called to share. Bring it. These are often the things that become the most re-tweetable. Just don't only come to share inspiring thoughts but not engage in the conversation at all. That's a no-no. 


7. Don't be a link-dropper.

The beautiful thing about Twitter chats are the community. Think community over everything else. Don't pop in to drop a link or even get people to follow you. That can totally be a bonus and a benefit, but that is not the goal. 


Our Twitter Parties are Tuesdays at 9pmEST! We love chatting with you about inspirational and actionable topics. 


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