Your Guide to The Heart Dialogue Practice

Today, I am spilling out all the details on The Heart Dialogue and the steps on how to build it as a practice. 


The Heart Dialogue is a daily practice I designed to help you connect with your heart, so that you can get in tune with all that is going within you and move forward towards the life and business you really yearn for, while also breaking through the things that may be holding you back.


At its very core, it is about carving out intentional time to ask your heart questions, wait for the answer and move ahead with clarity and confidence.


We can all feel just how hyper-connected we are. We are glued to our phones and at a moment's notice, we can receive a wealth of information and also conversation. But because of that, I have seen just how much we are left craving a genuine connection, and I believe we are especially hungry for a connection with our own hearts.


Think about it with me. When is the last time you spent time alone and listened to what was going on in your heart? How long has it been? 


I see it all the time in women in business. We are busy, we are constantly on social media, and we are connecting with people all the time like it is our job, because ultimately it is. Beyond even that, we are somehow convinced to shell out thousands of dollars to people who have "the magical answer" for us instead of first tapping into our own hearts to see what it has to say.


What if I told you, that I believe there are more answers in you, than you could ever imagine? And that some of those big things you come up against on the daily, the key to breakthrough is already existing in you.


You can stop wandering. And you can come home to your heart.


Here is how The Heart Dialogue practice works:


1. Find a spot where you feel one hundred percent loved and safe. Maybe for you that's in your bed, on the floor of a forest, at your desk, or wrapped up in a blanket. When you get there, take a few breaths, to quiet yourself and quiet the noise that likes to wrap us up in itself.


2. If you're doing this for the first time, bring a notebook or journal where you can record answers in that way. The more you do it, the more you can introduce more ideas, like art, creativity, or just practicing the dialogue in your mind even as you go for a walk.


3. Ask your heart a couple questions. I am going to give you a bunch that you can use at below this. Ask slowly and intentionally. You're not in a rush. You're sitting with yourself and giving yourself this moment.


4. As you ask the questions, wait for the answer. Don't be afraid of the silence. Allow it to almost hold you right where you are. See what bubbles up inside. You might hear words, see a picture, be reminded of a memory or just have a sense in your heart.


5. Whatever comes up, don't dismiss it. Write it down. Maybe you'll feel like there is something you need to do, someone you need to forgive, or a change you need to make. Maybe you'll hear a truth, an encouragement, or a reminder. Maybe you'll become aware of a direction you need to take or what has really been holding your success back. Just allow it to happen.


6. If you don't hear anything, that's okay too! There is power in just sitting with yourself and letting yourself be cared for through listening.


Some Questions You Can Use

When it comes to your business especially, there are many things that you can ask your heart. I am going to give you some examples of questions you can use right now right here.

1. What are you doing when you feel most alive? What are you doing when you feel most drained?

2. How do you combat the self-doubts that come up in you? What diffuses them? What is a self-doubt that is coming up in you today?

3. What do you want to give to people the most? How do you want them to be changed after spending time with you?

4. Is there someone you feel like you need to have permission from until you do what's in your heart? Why? How can you release that person?

5. When expectations go unmet in your business, how do you respond? Have there been times where unmet expectations or failures have changed your identity or how you see yourself? How can you restore that?


In you, my friend, are things that we are ultimately aching to see. Whether you're bringing transformation, creativity, beauty, knowledge, inspiration; we need it, we need it a lot.


The more you can tap into your heart and make yourself aware of what you carry and what needs to be let go or received to move forward, the greater your impact will be and the more alive you'll feel. 



So are you in? Are you in for dialoguing with your heart, so that you can create a life and business that you love? Gosh, I sure hope so.