9 Things to Do Today to Grow Your Confidence in Business

If there is one thing I've learned over the last couple years of being in business, it is that businesses are both made and sabotaged because of confidence. 


When someone develops their confidence and is able to own the work that they do, the message they bring and the transformation they give without apology, that is power for themselves, but also for anyone who comes in touch with them. 


I think we've all seen that transformation happen in someone. It can almost seem like they went from being in the background to suddenly a go-to expert in their industry. It is like they made this decision to just give it their all and it shows off in the way that they show up.


It becomes electric. 


On the other end, have you ever seen someone who has incredible potential but lacks the confidence to carry it out? You look at them and think they have so much to give, but they sabotage their own success out of fear, insecurity and ultimately the devaluing of themselves.


This is why I believe that cultivating your confidence is one of the most amazing things you can do for your vision. Because not only does it open you up to bring everything you got, but it also empowers people to truly know you and be changed by you.


Sometimes we think confidence is all about the mindset stuff, but there are things you'll never believe about yourself until you experience them. So, sometimes confidence is doing something that gives you the experience of confidence even if you didn't have it before.


For example, a confidence builder you could do is do a webinar. It could remind you of your vision and passion for people which will ultimately inspire confidence in you. But the thought of doing a webinar could truly terrify the heck out of you. This is why you're creating an experience of confidence, so it can grow in you. 


So, let's talk confidence-builders. I've got nine for you right on over here. 


1. Do some inner work. Journal through fears you’ve been having.

2. Try something you’ve never done before in your business.

3. Do a webinar, live class or video content where you can interact in real-time.

4. Have a coffee date with a new online friend. Send that email + just ask!

5. Forgive anyone who has wronged you in your business.

6. Make your dream pitch. There is power in putting yourself out there.

7. Read through testimonials or kind emails you’ve received.

8. Re-visit your vision and strengthen it through processing + planning.

9. Practice self-care.

10. Share your story with vulnerability whether on social media, with your email list or in person.


How do you build your confidence? 

HeartAsh Beaudinconfidenc