21 Ways to Encourage Your Audience

There is something to be said about creating an experience in your business that makes people feel loved and believed in. 


I believe you can do that in so many details of your businesses that add up over time to create a culture of encouragement for your clients, your customers and your audience. The power of that is that you are building a trustworthy brand that people love to return home to. 


Knowing how to love and serve your community well will set you apart no matter how saturated your industry is and that is something that we're all after.


And I mean really, it has always been about people anyway, right? 


The way that I view my business is through the lens of encouragement to such a degree that whether someone works for me or just hangs out with me online, I have the fierce intention that they walk away more encouraged than when they came in. I see greatness in every life I meet and I cannot help but speak to it as often as I can. 


I've thrown together some starting point ideas you can use to encourage your audience. 


1. Use people's names. 

2. Send client gifts. 

3. Make your systems seamless. 

4. Do shout-outs. 

5. Respond to emails with encouragement. 

6. When you see someone doing something awesome, recognize them for it. 

7. Customized anything with clients. 

8. If you're meeting someone, straight up ask how you can encourage them. 

9. Huge giveaways. 

10. Random handwritten letters. 

11. Respond to anyone who hits you up on social. 

12. Be consistent. 

13. Do something with people in real life.

14. When you get invited to someone in your audience's wedding, maybe just go. ;) 

15. Show off your personality in email sequences and autoresponders.

16. Repeat reward customers with something of high-value.

17. Using referral or affiliate systems. 

18. Make people feel believed in every single time they encounter you. 

19. Answer emails quickly. It truly shows that you care. 

20. Show up for them when they least expect it like on their birthday or when they've accomplished something amazing. 

21. Make your clients and customers the priority. Because they are. 


How do you encourage your audience?