10 Ways to Cultivate More Community in Your Brand

Community is my jam. I love gathering and connecting people. I love watching someone come alive in a safe space whether in person or on the interwebs. And I love how we are stronger together than we ever could be apart. 


Most recently, I have been known for leading #theimperfectboss community; a sisterhood of women entrepreneurs who are accepting their imperfections and seeing how it can be power in their businesses. As well, as getting up close and personal, in community. It is my love. 


Through that, I've learned a thing or two, on how to build contagious community and it is a lot easier than you would think. 


Because the art of building community is using your heart and story to meet people where they are, but then mobilizing them into relationship. 


And the best community happens when people free to be authentically themselves and accepted for exactly that. 


So today, I am dropping in with twelve ways to cultivate more community in your gorgeous brand, sweet friend. Let's do this. 


1. Transform your message into a point of action. In other words, don't just share what you have to say and let it stay there, but use it as an invitation, for someone to get more involved with you and what you're doing. 


2. Fall absolutely in love with people. This starts from your core and then radiates itself all the way through your brand. If you don't absolutely love people, it is going to be difficult for people to gather around what you're doing. 


3. Show your heart. Actually let your heart be seen and be felt. Show that off wherever you feel most comfortable whether that be an email list, social media, or in a collaboration. That level of heart becomes an insane rallying point for people to come together. 


4. Consider doing a social media campaign or challenge. Because these are built upon a set period of time like three days or a week, you can create a moment where people truly bond with one another in what you're doing. 


5. Share your vision before you ever sell. Your vision is the secret sauce in terms of getting people excited about what you're doing. Speak about your vision and your why and establish that as a foundation before you ever start announcing launches and products. When you do that, you build inspiring communities. 


6.  Create a lifestyle to your business. Think about what it looks like to be a part of your community: what kinds of things do you do, what are you marked by, what is important to you? Communicate that as a lifestyle and as you do, people will begin to imagine what their life could feel like or look like too. Sheer power.


7. Set your brand culture. This will help determine the type of people you're bringing into your community, as well as what you stand for and what you don't tolerate. That creates a strong, vibrant and unstoppable community.


8. Participate in other communities, as well. You can use those Facebook group, Twitter Parties, or even paid memberships to establish your expertise, get to know people and become a living, breathing face to your brand. 


9. Invest in your community. Reply to the emails. Leave encouraging comments. Respond to people when they shout you out on social media or leave love on one of your posts. Do giveaways. Provide free resources. Interact with your people and show them that they are highly valuable to you by investing in them. 


10. Get visible. That's the best thing you can do to instantly build your community. Get on social media, video, or email. Take podcast interviews. Speak somewhere. Let people see you, so they can know you, trust you and love the heck out of you. And when people drop off because they're not digging you, it is a good thing (like seriously throw a party). 


So you ready to go all in and build more community in your brand? Let's get to work in the workbook i made you below.