A Love Letter to Every Woman Running a Business

You are powerful. Damn, you are so powerful. There is a fierce energy about you. You don't give up when it gets hard, but you are compelled by this fire that is burning in your core. You are convicted. That's why you're in this. That is what keeps you going. That is why you're still here. 


You have products or services that are speaking to the world in a big way. Sometimes you feel so on top of your game, that you think you could do just about anything. Other times, you wonder what-is-the-point and then you probably drink a glass of wine. 


You are caught up in the wild ride that is being an entrepreneur. But, do you know what I want to speak to you today? 


That you are enough. You are so enough. No matter how many followers, no matter how many customers, no matter how many dollars; you are enough right now. 


That you are an answer for the world. No one else can do it in the way that you do it and you being who you are and bringing what you have is serious transformation and possibility for so many people. 


That there are more for you than there are ever against you. I know sometimes the people who are against you seem so loud. But I am telling you, they just create a lot of noise, but they don't hold much weight. There are legions of people that are so, very for you. 


That you can be confident and you can kill it. Don't feel like you have to finish everything you say with a question mark. Own who you are. You are a powerful, extraordinary, magnificent woman. 


How you create, nurture, encourage, love, build, speak and serve makes you a warrior. 


Feel it. Know it. Own it.