10 Reasons to Let Go of Perfect and Show Your Audience the Real You

Maybe you've caught the buzz about #theimperfectboss campaign that I lead three times a year. 


in these campaigns, We pull back the curtains and share our secrets to make a statement that we are every-day women going after dreams. And if we are, so can you. 


In light of that, I wanted to share ten reasons why it is time for all of us as entrepreneurs to let go of perfect and show our audience the real us. 


1.  People are not looking to spend time with perfect, they're looking to spend time with you. 


2. Your story holds the power to inspire, encourage and create genuine connection. 


3. In a culture of curated images and staged moments, a brave imperfect woman is wildly irresistable. 


4. Your best work won't happen in a flawless performance, but in your messy, risky and playful effort.  


5. There are things you have to give that you could never give until you are willing to look a little crazy. 


6. The more you put down the walls and the masks and the filters, the freer you become. 


7. It is entirely exhausting to aim for perfection. It will drain the life out of your heart. And your heart is the most treasured resource in your business. 


8. I believe that there are gifts inside of you that you can only find when you embrace the mess, the broken parts and your very own imperfection. 


9. On the other side of your imperfection is insane strength. Your weaknesses are only strengths with the wrong identity. 


10. There are people who if you would just share your story would know breakthrough, healing and fulfillment. People sit on the otherside of your willingness. 


Less perfect, more real. Less perfect, more brave. Less perfect, more flawed. 





The 5 Types of Posts that Stand Out in Facebook Groups

Do you ever feel like you post in business Facebook groups and all you crickets? But then, you watch someone else post and they get flooded with comments? And you're kind of wondering what you did wrong or what your post was missing? 


Girl, I got you. 


I've had posts in Facebook groups receive over 500 likes on just one post or hundreds of comments.  I've built partnerships, launched businesses and made many, many clients. So I know what I am talking about. Just from experience. 


Part of the reasons some posts get more engagement than others is about relationship. If you are consistently giving you a community and showing up and people know you, you're more likely to receive engagement than if you just stop in, drop your stuff and roll on out. 


But there are five different types of posts that instantly stand out. 


1. The Introduction Post. 

This post can only be done once, but it is a post in which you introduce yourself in a Facebook group for the first time! Don't keep re-introducing yourself like it is your first time. You can always remind people of who you are, but only introduce yourself once. Share who you are and what you do, but also share simple details about yourself because it creates connection.



2. The Story Post. 

In this post, you share an intimate part of yourself and your journey. You allow people to get a glimpse into who you are for the sake of them not only knowing you, but being encouraged, inspired or learning something they hadn't before. It could be the journey of launching a new product, a mistake you've made or a success you've just had. 



3. The Community Post. 

The goal of this post is to create connection or community that goes beyond the Facebook group. Example, if you want to set up some virtual coffee dates, collaborate, find someone to do business with, hire an individual, or invite people into the work you're doing without ever promoting yourself. 



4. The Idea Post. 

This is a great idea if done with wisdom to stand out and grab the hearts of people. You have an idea you haven't poured into quite yet and are looking to see if there is a market for you. It can help you decide if an idea is right for the market as well as build community around an idea that hasn't even had any work put into it yet. Gold. 



5. The Encouragement Post. 

In this post, you're simply stopping in to encourage or inspire. You want to make someone's day or speak life into anyone who is reading your words. This is simply pouring your heart out and not looking for anything in return, but just to love people. These are by far my most favourite to do. 



Plus, here are two extra tips to boost posts. 

1. Use imagery. 

2. Shorter is better. 


Have you tried these types of posts? Which ones have helped you stand out? 


12 Tricks to Become Productive and Get Things Done

Something we have been talking about a lot around here is how we don't just dream the dreams, we do them. And dreams don't happen just because the desire exists, but you have got to do the hard work; putting in the time and energy and the actual doing. 


Most likely, you don't have a manager for your dream, so you have got to show up for yourself, knowing that no one is going to make you do it. And when you do show up, you don't want to get lost in Facebook or Netflix or procrastinate until it is way too late. 


You want to be productive. You want to kick butt. 


I've thrown together some of my biggest tips on how I make it all happen. Ready? Let's go. 


1. Get started. 

The biggest thing standing between you and your productive self is simply getting started. So often, that's all we need to do. Once we put forward that first step, it is so much easier to grab momentum. 


2. Be a Mom to yourself. 

Sometimes you need to have a real-talk with yourself. You sit yourself down and say, "Listen up, girl. It is time to do this. It is time to put in the work. And you're not getting up until you finish." it sounds a little crazy, but it truly works. Tough love. 


3. Sprinkle in fun. 

I mean, why would we ever put the time in to do something we don't even think is fun? Think about the things that make you really excited, happy or just loving life. Add those into your work and what you need to get done. For example: listen to a podcast while you work or surround yourself with bright colored office supplies! 


4. Tidy your space. 

There is nothing that makes me unproductive like a messy and chaotic room. It is like suddenly everything becomes overwhelming. By taking those few minutes to put things away and do a little Lysol-wiping, it can help you get your game face on. 


5. Let the music pump you up. 

Some are more pumped up by music than others, but some good music with a strong beat can bring some awesome focus. It is like the soundtrack to your own personal feature film. And everyone knows when the music starts, good things are happening.


6. Take small breaks. 

Every little bit, take a 5, 10, 30 minute break. Stretch. Take some deep breaths. Go talk to someone. Have an ice cream. 


7. Write lists. 

Again, this could depend on your personality! But some of us love a good list. It is the crossing it off that brings an insane amount of satisfaction. For me, it helps to get it all out of my brain and give me a sense of achievement as I get it done. 


8. Know what motivates you or fuels you. 

We are all so unique and are truly fuelLed by different things. Knowing what fuels you can help you stay productive because you can give yourself the things that actually fuel you instead of the things you think should. 


9. Get dressed. 

Get out of those pajamas. Put on real clothes. Do something with that hair. Heck, put on some lipstick girl. I mean, you look awesome.


10. Stop avoiding. 

There is a reason why you're avoiding certain tasks. Is it due to a fear of failure or wanting to be perfect? Avoiding is not a solution, its just a treatment with no real impact. Face it. Deal. Do the work. 


11. Eat carrots. 

Pick up something healthy to eat! That helps focus instead of just crashing and upping on sugar. 


12. Hug someone. 

Hugging someone, or giving them a high-five or whatever your human interaction looks like helps to remind us that all that we do, whatever it is, is about people. Perspective is always a good idea. 


So, how do you stay productive? Are there any of these you'd like to implement in your day? 


Cheers to productive days and dreams-come-true. 


21 Reminders Every Creative Needs to Hear Right Now


1. There is no one on the planet who can do what you do. 


2. Take two people and give them the same task and they could never create the same thing, so do what you love and don't worry about comparison.


3. You are safe to create with vulnerability. 


4. No one can do the work you're called to, except for you. 


5. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is just feel your feelings. 


6. The critics deserve no access to your heart, but listen to the people who are in the arena with you. 


7. Embrace failure with your everything because sometimes it creates the most beautiful of masterpieces.


8. Whatever you see in your heart, you can do. It is in you on purpose. 


9. Rejection loses its sting the more you face it, so put yourself out there. 


10. The best thing you can do is lose yourself in your art or your work. 


11. When you feel uninspired, you probably need to rest. 


12. It is not always about these huge moments of breakthrough or being discovered, but the every-day moments where we choose to be who we are. 


13. You are so loved, right where you are. 


14. There are more people for you, than there ever are against you. 


15. No matter how out-of-the-box you feel, you are so, so necessary. 


16. Be honest about the things that are hurting you. 


17. It does not matter how many followers you have on social media, you are making a big difference. 


18. No matter what your past is telling you right now, you will create beautiful things that change the world. 


19. Comparison is a beast, so don't feed it, just love people. 


20. Dig into your heart because it is a powerful and precious resource. 


21. Throw yourself into what you feel called to. This is what matters. 


7 Questions to Figure Out How You Want Your Brand to Feel


Brand is a buzz word. Yep, it totally is. For good reason though because having a solid brand can set you apart. We know that graphic design is a huge part of your brand; the visual component of the story you're telling. But what doesn't get talked about often is how you're using your words to establish your brand and communicate your vision and story. 


When I work with clients, one of the first things I like to ask people is, 'how do you want people to feel when they are on your website?' Because this is important. You want people to feel a connection with who you are and you want them to experience an emotion that brings them back for more. 


Developing an emotional connection on your website will cause you to stand out among the many. 


So, it is good to know this! To know what you want people to feel. I've thrown together ten questions that help you get to the very bottom of it!  


1. What do you want someone to walk away thinking after coming across your website? 


2. Do you want them to be internally motivated (to dig inside) or externally motivated (to go out and do something? 


3. If they could describe a feeling inside their body as they look through your website or your social media, what would that look like? 


4. How will someone's life change after finding you and the work that you do? 


5. What kind of action do you want them to be inspired to take? 


6. If you could pick a song to be an anthem to your brand, what one would you pick? 


7. When they describe you to their friend, what is the first word that comes to mind? 


Define feeling for your brand. Use words and visuals to tell it well. This is everything. 


6 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day Off With a Spark

Taking a simple few minutes at the start of the day to speak into yourself and the space that the  day is about to hold is truly powerful.


The biggest thing that will sabotage a day happens within your two ears; in your own mindset. The good news is that you're not stuck with that, rather you can make choices to invest into your mindset and to empower yourself to think right. 


Breakthroughs in mindset are what set you up for inevitable success. 


And what I've found is that it takes work. It takes consistent investment and a dedication to believe a better story and a more accurate truth. It is not overnight and it is not Miracle-Gro, it is a labour of love to untangle the lies from the truth and develop a mindset that leads to all things good. 


Mindset work is not about denying the hard and dark things, it is about holding space for those things with compassion, but then only pulling the truth from them. Because if we don't, we can adopt life experiences as an identity. 


And your life experiences, good or bad, are never your identity. 


So, I've put together six morning mantras to declare, speak, write out over your day, maybe even before you get out of bed! Try it and tell me what happens. 


1. No matter what today holds, I remember that I am a beautiful human being with a beautiful purpose. 


2. Today holds enough hours to do everything that must get done today. The rest? It can wait. 


3. I will show up with my full heart and full presence knowing that when I do, I shine brightest.


4. Today, I will take risks and I will fail. And when I fail, I will remind myself that failure doesn't make me less of a success, it makes me more of one. 


5. I will do everything that aligns with who I am. Any other rule, formula, should or pressure, is not deserving of my time. 


6. I am a leader. I make amazing decisions. I hold things the world needs. Let's do this. 


What mantra are you going to try? Which one speaks to  you the most? 





6 Beliefs You Need to Let Go of in Your Business


Your beliefs about who you are, about the work you do and about where you're going impact your business probably more than anything else; more than the amount of money you have, more than the number of people rooting for you, more than even the systems you have in place.


What you intrinsically believe about what you're doing can set you up for success or can sabotage you before you get the chance to rise. 


We mostly carry our beliefs from experiences. We really believe certain truths or certain lies based on what our human experience has been. For example: if you were abandoned at a young age and all your life people just keep telling you that you are accepted, but you never have an experience of acceptance, that belief of abandonment will stay deeply rooted in you.


The most powerful way to create a new belief is to create a new experience. 


Let's highlight six beliefs that may be in your business right now that it is about time those things are let go of and new experiences of the right belief are created. 


1. I will never make it. 

Sure, there are seas of people. There are people who do what you do. There are many in the arena. But it is the belief of not making it that will sabotage you even before you ever step out of your comfort zone. If you believe you won't make it, you won't. But if you believe you will make it, if you believe you have something to say, if you believe that what you do matters -- you're set for inevitable success. 


2. I could never charge that much. 

Maybe you can think of other people who charge a lot more than you do and you think, "Wow. I could never put that price value next to my name." Ask yourself why. Why are you placing your value lower than them? Why do you think that you could never ask for that type of investment? What is it about you that has convinced you that your value is less? You may be robbing yourself from the type of work you are undoubtedly called to. 


3. I'm too (insert your go-to word here). 

Let's just get that "too" word out of our vocabulary when we're talking about ourselves. You can never be too much of a thing, you can just be you. And so if you think you're too loud, too shy, too smart, too broken, too scared, too ugly, too pretty -- whatever word it is that you use to finish out that sentence, take it out. And watch how that changes your beliefs. You are an extravagant woman. You are not too much. 


4. If anyone knew what I was really like....

I see so many women go through this. You fear that if people saw your real, imperfect life, they wouldn't be interested in ever working with you or following you or whatever it may be. Lie. As people, we are drawn to vulnerability and authenticity. We want to work with people, we do not want to work with machines. When we operate in this belief, we hide ourselves in shame. But when we can embrace our imperfect lives and invite people into our story, we become powerful influencers.


5. I am poor. 

First off, you're not poor. You in the top one percent of the world. You're rich. If you're reading this right now, you're rich. And you're rich for the money you have, the access to all the resources you have and also for having a rich life filled with people and freedom and all that stuff. If you believe you're poor, it doesn't matter how much money you get, you'll always FEEL poor. Shift this one fast. Because it can be a sucker in business.  


6. It is safe to be afraid. 

We think sometimes if we just stay in fear, we'll be safe. Nah, not true. We can feel fear, but it is not the fear that keeps us safe. What keeps us safe is the risk and stepping outside of our comfort zones. What keeps us safe is the love that surrounds us and the thrill of moving in your passion. Don't let the fear hide you away woman. Your business is necessary in the world. 


Do you have any of these beliefs? Which ones are you letting go of? 

3 Signs That You're Actually a Movement Maker

Okay, here's the thing. I believe anyone can start a movement. Yes, even you reading this.


Whether you'll run a movement that grows to includes a hundred thousand people or you'll create a movement that drastically changes the lives of twelve people in a deep way, you're called to create a movement for your brand.


It is not about size, it is about creating an experience for your audience, that transforms them and makes them an advocate for the work that you do. 


I want to let you know three signs to prove you that you're a movement maker. If you have one or all of these signs, then you got a movement to start, girl. And I am on a mission to help you do it well. Ready? Let's go. 


Sign #1: You have a message.

Do you have a message behind the work that you do? Is there something you want people to know more than anything else? More than your services or the scope of your work, if you have a message you want to share with the world, then you are a movement maker. Because every movement starts with a good message. 


Sign #2: You want to make a difference. 

You're not just in business for the million bucks or the status of doing your own thing, but you genuinely want to make a difference in people's lives. You want to make the world better and you want to serve people with your skills, knowledge and heart. Movements are so much about impact, so if you want to make a difference, you are in fact a movement maker. 


Sign #3: You love community. 

The biggest result of movement making is that you will naturally bring people together and so you gotta have a love for community. You gotta have a heart for people and investing your time and energy into building relationship. If you've already got a love for community, then I think you're so very primed to make a movement. 


Do any of these signs resonate with you? The point of this post was simply to prove to you that you are a movement maker, you can create a movement for your brand and in fact, you really should. 


Let's get to work.