How to Tell the Difference Between Your Audience, Your Community and Your Movement


I am so excited to break down three really important definitions when it comes to the people you have being gathered around your brand. And those three terms are: audience, community and movement. 


Because these three terms don't actually describe the same thing, and I want to break them down for you, so you can know what you have currently in your brand and what you want to build. Let's get right into it, shall we? 



Your audience are the people who want to know what you're doing. They're watching and they're listening, but they are keeping their distance. They've likely opted into your email list and they follow you on social media, yet they probably have not yet taken the leap to work with you or become invested in anything you're doing.

How to take this group to the next level: build trust with your audience, so that they'll dive in and invest. 



Your community are the people who have become invested in what you're doing and not only have they received something from you, but they're active and engaged. So maybe they're up in your Facebook groups, taken part in your free offerings, or worked with you in your services or courses. They think highly of you and they don't want to just want to watch what you're doing, but they want to be a part of what you're doing. 

How to take this group to the next level: create opportunities for your community to experience your message, so that they'll move from community members to brand activists for you. 



Your movement are the people who are not only invested in what you're doing, but now carry your vision and want to tell the world about it too. Beyond taking part in the things you're doing and being active and engaged in your community, they want to help you bring your message to the world because of how much they've been transformed by you. 

How to take this group to the next level: bring leadership and monetize your movement, so that you can be supported to take this to the world and impact lots of lives without burning out. 


As you have maybe guessed, I am all about getting you to the third level. I want to bring you from audience to community to movement. Because when you do that, you get into this magical place where your audience trusts you and they're experiencing transformation on the regular which leads them to not only be involved with you, but tell the world about it. 


So, what currently describes the people gathered around your brand? And where do you want to be? I sure hope you'll say movement. ;) 




10 Steps to Make Your Dream Collaborations Happen


Collaborations are a powerful way to create more buzz, more energy and more visibility when you do them in alignment with your values and your culture. 


Around here, we are huge into collaborations! And we've done a ton of collaborations whether social media campaigns, digital products, physical products or free events like Twitter Parties and webinars! We love working with brilliant, talented and heart-bursting women. 


It creates incredible energy when you can collaborate with people who carry a similar heart and vision as you! When that mingles and mixes, it is powerful! Plus, collaborations bring the benefit of audience building. Boom. 


So, I bet there are some people you're thinking of who would be your dream collaborators. And maybe you're also thinking that there is a better time for you to approach them, you know maybe when your website is killer or you're making more money or you have more followers. 


The best time to initiate collaboration is right now. Tweet that!


So, I am going to take you through some steps on the best way to make a dream collaboration happen, and jump in where you're comfortable to go for it. 


1. Write down a list of ideas of collaborations that you'd really love to do! Need help on thinking of one? Don't worry, we got you covered. 

  • Ebooks or Workbooks 
  • Audio Interviews
  • Video Content
  • Giveaways 
  • Digital Products 
  • Physical Products
  • Webinars 
  • Instagram Hashtag 
  • Service Offering 
  • Live Event 


2. Write a list of those who you would ideally love to collaborate with, that when you think about it, it lights your heart up. 

Don't worry about whether it is possible or not, just write down their names. It is simply about dreaming big right now. Think of people in business, blogging, social media, brands, storefront companies, or just people you love their story and passion. 


3. Take a look at two lists and pick one idea and one person. Just pick one. That's exactly where we will start. 

You're not marrying anyone with this, you're just taking a risk. And that is an awesome thing. 


4. Develop your idea. Solidify it. 

The one thing you don't want to do is pitch someone without really establishing your idea for yourself. Your pitch should seem less like a question and more like a statement like you are convicted about this and you're inviting them into it. People can feel that. So, dig through and think about your idea, establish a timeline, goals, even some start-up visuals to go with it. 


5. Pitch your person. 

This is your moment! Do not bcc everyone you've ever wanted to collab with. I repeat, do not bcc. I mean, unless you want to get no responses. ;) Really put the time in to create a script for your pitch email. Make it conversational, clear, and easy for someone to respond and know what the next steps are? 


6. If they say no, show them nothing but kindness. 

People will say no and you have to be okay with that. Decide right now to get over your fear of the word no. When someone says no, it is not a rejection of who you are. It is just not a good time. So when this happens, don't be a reactive emailer and write it out of your lens of disappointment, but show lavish grace and kindness.


7. Have a follow-up email template.

I have a template I often use to follow-up with all the people who have said yes and even those who have said no! Especially if you're approaching many people at a time, instead of rewriting it over and over, save your energy and keep a template. It is in this step that you'll often let them know what to do next or set up a phone call depending on the project.


8. Make it easy for them. 

The harder you make it for people, the more they won't do it. Sad sometimes, but so true. We love convenience! So make it as easy for people as possible and automated. Use forms, systems, project management, appointment scheduling, etc. 


9. Do the magic. 

Make it happen. Work together. It is going to be awesome. 


10. Thank them. 

After someone collaborates with you, thank them! Write them a kind email, send them a note in the mail, just do a little something to show them a bit of love. 


Then do it all over again! 


The 5 Types of Posts that Stand Out in Facebook Groups

Do you ever feel like you post in business Facebook groups and all you crickets? But then, you watch someone else post and they get flooded with comments? And you're kind of wondering what you did wrong or what your post was missing? 


Girl, I got you. 


I've had posts in Facebook groups receive over 500 likes on just one post or hundreds of comments.  I've built partnerships, launched businesses and made many, many clients. So I know what I am talking about. Just from experience. 


Part of the reasons some posts get more engagement than others is about relationship. If you are consistently giving you a community and showing up and people know you, you're more likely to receive engagement than if you just stop in, drop your stuff and roll on out. 


But there are five different types of posts that instantly stand out. 


1. The Introduction Post. 

This post can only be done once, but it is a post in which you introduce yourself in a Facebook group for the first time! Don't keep re-introducing yourself like it is your first time. You can always remind people of who you are, but only introduce yourself once. Share who you are and what you do, but also share simple details about yourself because it creates connection.



2. The Story Post. 

In this post, you share an intimate part of yourself and your journey. You allow people to get a glimpse into who you are for the sake of them not only knowing you, but being encouraged, inspired or learning something they hadn't before. It could be the journey of launching a new product, a mistake you've made or a success you've just had. 



3. The Community Post. 

The goal of this post is to create connection or community that goes beyond the Facebook group. Example, if you want to set up some virtual coffee dates, collaborate, find someone to do business with, hire an individual, or invite people into the work you're doing without ever promoting yourself. 



4. The Idea Post. 

This is a great idea if done with wisdom to stand out and grab the hearts of people. You have an idea you haven't poured into quite yet and are looking to see if there is a market for you. It can help you decide if an idea is right for the market as well as build community around an idea that hasn't even had any work put into it yet. Gold. 



5. The Encouragement Post. 

In this post, you're simply stopping in to encourage or inspire. You want to make someone's day or speak life into anyone who is reading your words. This is simply pouring your heart out and not looking for anything in return, but just to love people. These are by far my most favourite to do. 



Plus, here are two extra tips to boost posts. 

1. Use imagery. 

2. Shorter is better. 


Have you tried these types of posts? Which ones have helped you stand out? 


12 Truths on Making Friends as An Adult

I was pretty excited to write this post y'all because making friends as an adult is hard. 


After I graduated university, it became clear to me just how hard it would become. There is so much moving around, so many different paces of hitting life stages and we're busy people trying to make it all happen without losing any sleep.


We're practically dating around to try and find our new bestie. We don't want to be too much too fast, we want to be just right. 


Sometimes, we're losing each other, just because of distance, but also sometimes friendships get ended in a brutal way. And that holds a sting of its very own that we don't seem to talk about often enough. 


And so how do we make friends as an adult without seeming overbearing, crazy, or awkward? How do we make friends being completely ourselves with confidence? I've put together some of my biggest truths that I have found. 


1. Not every friendship is forever and that is okay. You can let people go. 


2. Healthy friendships have healthy communication at their very core. 


3. The best friendship you can invest in is becoming friends with yourself.


4. Not one person can fit all of your needs. Learn to meet your own needs first.


5. Embrace your weird. It is what makes you awesome. 


6. Don't be afraid to ask someone out for coffee or dinner and get to know their heart. 


7. Some of the best friendships happen in collaborations. Work with people. Volunteer. Serve. Come together to do something kind and generous. 


8. When a friendship ends it, grieve it for all that is worth. It hurts because it matters. 


9. Don't let the unhealthy friendships of yesterday steal from the potential of the new friendships that are forming today. 


10. You are worthy of being pursued and known as a friend. 


11. Cultivate friendships with people who are where you are. If you're an entrepreneur, find entrepreneur friends. They'll resonate in a way others can't. 


12. Make it about the give more than the get. 


What have you learned making friends as an adult? 


24 Things You Can Do Today When You're Ready to Get Serious About Your Business

24 Things You Can Do Today When You're Ready to Get Serious About Your Business

There's this thing that happens. 


I am not sure if it is because so many of us are deeply creative by nature, we've got our hearts all up in everything, or we spend time working from home. But, we undercut a lot of our potential and ability because we don't see ourselves as professions, we see ourselves as "just a girl trying to make it work." 


But the thing is that I think that is ultimately to our sabotage because instead of taking ourselves seriously, we're playing like kids at a lemonade stand. When I started to take my business seriously is when I really began to find the momentum and growth that I was ultimately craving. 


And so I am telling you. Girl, it is time to take yourself seriously.


You're not some amateur waltzing in off the street, but you have experience and passion that makes you gifted and highly skilled. When you treat your business as a hobby, so will everyone else. And that is a disservice to anyone who could be changed by working with you, and the success that could be YOURS if you'd just see it as a serious, legitimate, work. 


I've got some things for you when you're ready to start taking your business seriously. Pick one or pick twenty. Start somewhere. You're worth that + the world is ready. 


1. Create professional and cohesive branding (or hire someone!) across all your platforms that captures who you are and what you do. 


2. Write compelling copy that ties your website together and effectively communicates your vision while establishing connection with your ideal audience.


3. Create a clear vision and mission statement, so that you can filter everything you do though those lenses. 


4. Design a professional email signature for your email. I use Wisestamp


5. Set up your mailing list and actually communicate with your list. Decide how often that will be and decide what type of content you will be sharing through that channel -- what will be the purpose? 


6. Have branded and printed materials on hand that you can use if you see someone, if you want to mail someone a card or just drop it somewhere. Think business cards, notecards, etc. 


7. Know who your ideal client is like you know your coffee in the morning. Know what they love, what they hate, what they're hungry for and what they so deeply need. Know them, so you can serve them. 


8. Create a plan for your community. Determine how you're showing up for people, how you're bringing them together and what kind of moment you're leading them into. Your community, especially a well-loved one, doesn't just show up on your doorstep one day. It is cultivated.


9. Write down what your messaging is. What is the core message that is at work in everything that you're doing? Write down your go-to speaking or interview topics. This also makes pitching snappy. 


10. Develop a social media plan. Decide what the platforms are that you're going to show up to consistently. From there, choose how often you're going to post, the types of content you're going to post and practice scheduling it out. 


11. Invest in your business. Sometimes the biggest thing you can do is put your money where your mouth is and take yourself seriously. Buy a course, hire a coach, work with someone in a specific area of your business. 


12. Get visible. Stop hiding behind that screen, girl and let us see you. This can look different in so many ways -- go to a live event, do a video for your community, schedule a coffee chat, post in a Facebook group, you pick! 


13. Start batching your tasks. You're gonna spin your wheels out if you do everything on the cusp, start putting tasks together that can be done in one big lump, so you're free on the other days. 


14. Do your accounting. Even if you only make one dollar, write it down. Keep record of your income, expenses and taxes. 


15. Design your client experience. Whether you're providing services or products, you can build a phenomenal client experience that makes people feel oh-so-loved. Design it from the start. Know how you onboard people. Know the journey of the customer from the yes to the end. 


16. Stop doing the thing you hate and start doing the thing you love. I know it feels like money is everything, but stop doing the things that are leaving you empty just to pay the bills. This is going to work out and it is going to be okay. Step out and TRY. 


17. Get a business bank account. By keeping those things separate, you will feel a lot clearer about where the money is coming in from and where it is going. 


18. Get dressed in the morning. There is something to be said about putting real clothes on. They just make us feel like we know what we're doing. So wear real clothes more often than you wear pajamas. 


19. Tell your family what you do with confidence. I think our family can be the hardest people to tell what we do and be strong and powerful about it. But if you can own it in front of your family and friends, you can own it in front of anyone. PS. When you tell them, don't make it a question, make it a bold statement. 


20. Follow those analytics. Find out where your growth is happening, where your traffic is coming from, your bounce rates from your website and then brainstorm solutions to be able to meet needs or monopolize on what is working. 


21. Know your customer pathways. Know where your customer is finding you and what their possible journey is looking like from there until they meet the highest point of working with you. What does that journey look like? This helps from people dropping off. 


22. Add value everywhere you can. Blog posts, social media, in-person conversations? Give away value for free just because of your heart to love and serve people. 


23. Deal with the inner work and make a habit of it. The faster you can get that down, the easier it will be soar regularly. Trust me. 


24. Raise your prices. Stop undercharging. It is declaring something about you that you don't want. You're valuable.


No matter where you're at. Whether you've got most of these down or none of them at all, commit to a way you can take your business more seriously. 


21 Ways to Encourage Your Audience

There is something to be said about creating an experience in your business that makes people feel loved and believed in. 


I believe you can do that in so many details of your businesses that add up over time to create a culture of encouragement for your clients, your customers and your audience. The power of that is that you are building a trustworthy brand that people love to return home to. 


Knowing how to love and serve your community well will set you apart no matter how saturated your industry is and that is something that we're all after.


And I mean really, it has always been about people anyway, right? 


The way that I view my business is through the lens of encouragement to such a degree that whether someone works for me or just hangs out with me online, I have the fierce intention that they walk away more encouraged than when they came in. I see greatness in every life I meet and I cannot help but speak to it as often as I can. 


I've thrown together some starting point ideas you can use to encourage your audience. 


1. Use people's names. 

2. Send client gifts. 

3. Make your systems seamless. 

4. Do shout-outs. 

5. Respond to emails with encouragement. 

6. When you see someone doing something awesome, recognize them for it. 

7. Customized anything with clients. 

8. If you're meeting someone, straight up ask how you can encourage them. 

9. Huge giveaways. 

10. Random handwritten letters. 

11. Respond to anyone who hits you up on social. 

12. Be consistent. 

13. Do something with people in real life.

14. When you get invited to someone in your audience's wedding, maybe just go. ;) 

15. Show off your personality in email sequences and autoresponders.

16. Repeat reward customers with something of high-value.

17. Using referral or affiliate systems. 

18. Make people feel believed in every single time they encounter you. 

19. Answer emails quickly. It truly shows that you care. 

20. Show up for them when they least expect it like on their birthday or when they've accomplished something amazing. 

21. Make your clients and customers the priority. Because they are. 


How do you encourage your audience? 




10 Ways to Cultivate More Community in Your Brand

Community is my jam. I love gathering and connecting people. I love watching someone come alive in a safe space whether in person or on the interwebs. And I love how we are stronger together than we ever could be apart. 


Most recently, I have been known for leading #theimperfectboss community; a sisterhood of women entrepreneurs who are accepting their imperfections and seeing how it can be power in their businesses. As well, as getting up close and personal, in community. It is my love. 


Through that, I've learned a thing or two, on how to build contagious community and it is a lot easier than you would think. 


Because the art of building community is using your heart and story to meet people where they are, but then mobilizing them into relationship. 


And the best community happens when people free to be authentically themselves and accepted for exactly that. 


So today, I am dropping in with twelve ways to cultivate more community in your gorgeous brand, sweet friend. Let's do this. 


1. Transform your message into a point of action. In other words, don't just share what you have to say and let it stay there, but use it as an invitation, for someone to get more involved with you and what you're doing. 


2. Fall absolutely in love with people. This starts from your core and then radiates itself all the way through your brand. If you don't absolutely love people, it is going to be difficult for people to gather around what you're doing. 


3. Show your heart. Actually let your heart be seen and be felt. Show that off wherever you feel most comfortable whether that be an email list, social media, or in a collaboration. That level of heart becomes an insane rallying point for people to come together. 


4. Consider doing a social media campaign or challenge. Because these are built upon a set period of time like three days or a week, you can create a moment where people truly bond with one another in what you're doing. 


5. Share your vision before you ever sell. Your vision is the secret sauce in terms of getting people excited about what you're doing. Speak about your vision and your why and establish that as a foundation before you ever start announcing launches and products. When you do that, you build inspiring communities. 


6.  Create a lifestyle to your business. Think about what it looks like to be a part of your community: what kinds of things do you do, what are you marked by, what is important to you? Communicate that as a lifestyle and as you do, people will begin to imagine what their life could feel like or look like too. Sheer power.


7. Set your brand culture. This will help determine the type of people you're bringing into your community, as well as what you stand for and what you don't tolerate. That creates a strong, vibrant and unstoppable community.


8. Participate in other communities, as well. You can use those Facebook group, Twitter Parties, or even paid memberships to establish your expertise, get to know people and become a living, breathing face to your brand. 


9. Invest in your community. Reply to the emails. Leave encouraging comments. Respond to people when they shout you out on social media or leave love on one of your posts. Do giveaways. Provide free resources. Interact with your people and show them that they are highly valuable to you by investing in them. 


10. Get visible. That's the best thing you can do to instantly build your community. Get on social media, video, or email. Take podcast interviews. Speak somewhere. Let people see you, so they can know you, trust you and love the heck out of you. And when people drop off because they're not digging you, it is a good thing (like seriously throw a party). 


So you ready to go all in and build more community in your brand? Let's get to work in the workbook i made you below.


4 Ways to Fight Loneliness as an Online Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt lonely in the running of your business? Have you ever wondered why all your closest friends live so far away because you made them through Twitter? Have you ever felt the sting of being misunderstood? Do you talk to yourself because you've been sitting at your computer for hours on end?  Or maybe that's just me. ;) 


Sometimes, it gets really lonely doing this entrepreneur life.


We get sold on these romantic notions of what our lives could look like. We imagine what it might feel like if we quit our jobs and worked for ourselves. We see through this rose colored lens, but we don't always realize the sacrifices that have to be made too. 


For me, I have experienced some of that sacrifice on all that feelings of lonely. I am so connected; I've got the followers, I do the Skype dates and I love meeting new people. I mean really, it is like my energy drink.


But who are the people that show up on a Friday night, who do I call when my heart needs a friend and who is going to show up when I just need another human being in the same room with me? 


Even beyond that, what about being misunderstood? Not everyone is going to get you, and not everyone needs to. But in the process of that, it might look awfully close to not belonging.


And so what do we do with the loneliness? How do we create support systems in our life that fuel us instead of drain us? Let's get into it. 


Heart Dialogue. 

Heart Dialogue is a tool I created for connecting in with your own heart, so that you can not only feel connected with your own heart, but know how to move forward in your life or business in a way that feels true to you. If you missed my post on it, check it here. 

Sometimes we feel lonely, because we feel disconnected, even from ourselves. So practice some Heart Dialogue and sit with yourself. Connect with your own heart. See what the things are that are stirring within you. Allow them to come to the surface. Feel them and celebrate them. 


Create a mastermind group.

Find a few people you've connected with online and invite them to come together, so you can have a crew that gets in one another's corner. Design it however you want it to look. Maybe it is setting on Skype once a month to help each other and strategize using hot seats or the like.

Maybe it is more text or email based and it is encouragement focused. Maybe it relies heavily on collaborating with one another. Maybe instead of doing a group, you simply have accountability partners. Get intentional about creating a support system that works for you. 


Have regular meetings with local creatives. 

There is absolutely nothing like getting together in person. It is like a breath of fresh air and it can be truly energizing. Do you know a fellow online entrepreneur in your city? Invite them out for coffee. See someone on social media who lives in the same city? Ask them out. Know of any local meet-ups? Make them a priority and get your face in front of other people's. It is a good, good thing. 


Get out of the house, girl. 

Like put real pants on. Walk out your door. Go somewhere. Do something. It will shake you out of loneliness in an amazing way. Feel the breeze on your face and the sun on your cheeks, my friend. You need it. 


Do you struggle with loneliness? How do you conquer it?