12 Tricks to Become Productive and Get Things Done

Something we have been talking about a lot around here is how we don't just dream the dreams, we do them. And dreams don't happen just because the desire exists, but you have got to do the hard work; putting in the time and energy and the actual doing. 


Most likely, you don't have a manager for your dream, so you have got to show up for yourself, knowing that no one is going to make you do it. And when you do show up, you don't want to get lost in Facebook or Netflix or procrastinate until it is way too late. 


You want to be productive. You want to kick butt. 


I've thrown together some of my biggest tips on how I make it all happen. Ready? Let's go. 


1. Get started. 

The biggest thing standing between you and your productive self is simply getting started. So often, that's all we need to do. Once we put forward that first step, it is so much easier to grab momentum. 


2. Be a Mom to yourself. 

Sometimes you need to have a real-talk with yourself. You sit yourself down and say, "Listen up, girl. It is time to do this. It is time to put in the work. And you're not getting up until you finish." it sounds a little crazy, but it truly works. Tough love. 


3. Sprinkle in fun. 

I mean, why would we ever put the time in to do something we don't even think is fun? Think about the things that make you really excited, happy or just loving life. Add those into your work and what you need to get done. For example: listen to a podcast while you work or surround yourself with bright colored office supplies! 


4. Tidy your space. 

There is nothing that makes me unproductive like a messy and chaotic room. It is like suddenly everything becomes overwhelming. By taking those few minutes to put things away and do a little Lysol-wiping, it can help you get your game face on. 


5. Let the music pump you up. 

Some are more pumped up by music than others, but some good music with a strong beat can bring some awesome focus. It is like the soundtrack to your own personal feature film. And everyone knows when the music starts, good things are happening.


6. Take small breaks. 

Every little bit, take a 5, 10, 30 minute break. Stretch. Take some deep breaths. Go talk to someone. Have an ice cream. 


7. Write lists. 

Again, this could depend on your personality! But some of us love a good list. It is the crossing it off that brings an insane amount of satisfaction. For me, it helps to get it all out of my brain and give me a sense of achievement as I get it done. 


8. Know what motivates you or fuels you. 

We are all so unique and are truly fuelLed by different things. Knowing what fuels you can help you stay productive because you can give yourself the things that actually fuel you instead of the things you think should. 


9. Get dressed. 

Get out of those pajamas. Put on real clothes. Do something with that hair. Heck, put on some lipstick girl. I mean, you look awesome.


10. Stop avoiding. 

There is a reason why you're avoiding certain tasks. Is it due to a fear of failure or wanting to be perfect? Avoiding is not a solution, its just a treatment with no real impact. Face it. Deal. Do the work. 


11. Eat carrots. 

Pick up something healthy to eat! That helps focus instead of just crashing and upping on sugar. 


12. Hug someone. 

Hugging someone, or giving them a high-five or whatever your human interaction looks like helps to remind us that all that we do, whatever it is, is about people. Perspective is always a good idea. 


So, how do you stay productive? Are there any of these you'd like to implement in your day? 


Cheers to productive days and dreams-come-true. 


7 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Next Pitch


Pitching can be transformational to your business. You know. I mean, we've talked about this. Not only does it allow you to create dreamy opportunities and build amazing relationships, but it truly causes you to emerge as 'one to watch.'


Now, there are a lot of people who do pitching out there that is little to be desired. I've talked to so many women who say that they more often receive bad pitches than they'll ever receive a good one. And that's just something I'm not okay with. 


Which is why I am so passionate about teaching you how to pitch well and with heart. Let's dive into seven common mistakes I often see when creatives try to pitch whether it be for a podcast interview, a collaboration, influencer outreach, or anything in between. 


Sending unpersonalized mass emails. 

These might feel easier and like they save you a lot of time, but nothing about these types of emails will cause you to stand out. Sometimes they will work, but this isn't the common case.

I know that if someone sends me a mass email, even if they're only sending it to a select few and even if I know them, I will still delete it. Why? Because you're communicating to me that you couldn't take the time to value this pitch enough to make it personal. 


Having a defeated mindset. 

Nothing will sabotage a pitch faster than going into it with any kind of thought of defeat such as, "this isn't going to work" or, "why would anyone say yes to me anyway." Even if you don't say that, people are going to feel that in the way that you present yourself. 

You need to go into any and every pitch with the conviction that what you do matters to you and it matters to them. 


Being a little too chatty. 

Be clear in your mind about what your pitching and why you're pitching it. Make your emails short. Don't go on and on because no one wants to read a novel, but they want to hear your point quickly so that they can give their yes or their no. 

And then if someone gets with you on the phone or in person, same thing applies. Know your what and your why more than anything else. Communicate it and give the ask. 


Forgetting to showcase your personality. 

Sometimes when people pitch, it is easy to want to get formal and look professional to the extent that you actually sabotage your pitch. Showcase your personality. Be yourself. Use details that bring punch and emotion to the words you're using. 

Show people that you're human. And you'll knock it out of the park. 


Not responding when people say no. 

i know that hearing a no can be difficult, but you got this. Resist the temptation to just delete the email or feel annoyed that they didn't say yes to. Instead, respond to people who say no because you can still nurture relationships even on the other side of a no. 


Being unclear on your why. 

Know your why and be clear on it. Know why this pitch matters to you and also why it matters to the person you're pitching. If you go into it thinking that you know why it matters to you, but not communicating why it should matter to the other person, your pitch will be less captivating. 

Get a vision for your pitch. 


Having no process for when people say yes. 

Sometimes people get the impulse to pitch and they have no plan for what actually happens when someone says yes. They don't know what happens after that and they even disappear and communicate very little moving forward. It is like they get excited by the yes, but forget to execute the details. 

Create a step by step plan for what happens when someone says yes to your pitch. It can be as simple as just a follow-up or more involved if you're doing things like affiliates or influencer marketing. 


Have you been making any of these mistakes pitching? Which one stands out the most?