9 Ways to Create an Irresistible Brand Culture


Girl, I am so excited to talk to you about creating an irresistible brand culture. Because developing a brand culture that people consistently come back to and can never stop talking about will magnetize your brand and give you the recognition that you've been dreaming about. 


Brand culture is about determining what marks the experience you're creating for people and how it impacts them. 


When you don't have a brand culture, it is easy to feel passed over, like clients aren't returning and wondering if you're ever going to stand out in your industry. But a brand culture that is executed well has the power to make it easy for you, so that you can do what you love and serve people and they will trust you wholeheartedly. 


Here's the thing, if you don't build a brand culture, it will build itself for you. Culture exists in everything. In our homes, in communities, in churches. It just sets itself up. And if you just let it do that, you may be setting up a brand culture that doesn't align with you. So, this is about getting intentional. Because it will make a difference in your business. 


So, how do we do this? How do you build a brand culture that makes you absolutely irresistible? I am going to give you nine tips below. 


1. Establish Core Values. Know them. Write them. Run your business through them. 

2. Determine Your Emotion. Choose how you want people to feel every time they experience you. 

3. Nail Down Your Messaging. Figure out and refine what is it that you want people to know about you and the story you want to leave them with. 

4. Commit to Your Presence. Where are the places you're going to show up consistently? Decide where the places are that people can trust to find you. 

5. Set Boundaries. Think about the things that you will absolutely not tolerate in your brand and the things that are not welcome. 

6. Stick to Your Visual Style. Establish your brand and have a style guide that creates cohesion throughout your brand. It develops a visual culture of this is who you are and this is what you look like. 

7. Embrace Your Tone. The way that you talk to your people matters. Peel back all the layers and find your voice. 

8. Remember Your Non-Negotiables. There are things you must do, must say, must deliver on, must show up with. Only you know what those things are. Hold those close and lead by them. 

9. Leave an Impartation. After people spend time in your culture, decide how it changes them. What do they know how to do now? How has it transformed their life? What has been breathed into them? This turns your brand into an experience and that is sheer power. 

What marks your brand culture? Share with me in the comments. xo