8 Things Women Need to Say to Each Other More

In business and in life, women can be each other's greatest enemies or greatest allies. That choice is ours. So today, let's give voice to the things that we could all say a little more often to one another.


We can be the strong women who see each other not as competitors, but as sisters. 


"I see you." 

Every woman deserves to feel seen. To feel not like she is just another number, pretty face or defined by what she does, but to feel seen simply for who she is. As women, that's a gift we can give one another. We can look at each other and choose to see one another. 


"You are worth staying for."

We live in a culture of hurry, of rushing and of speed. So many of us go through life feeling like even as we share our hearts or do anything, we need to hurry it up. Friendships fade faster than they ever should. Marriages don't always last. Relationships just stop. Telling each other we are worth staying for is a statement that we are all hungry to hear.


"You are invited." 

Hey woman, you're invited. You're invited to the table. You're invited to the party. You're invited to bring all that you are to the world. Let's not cut each other out, but let's invite each other to join in with one another. No more cliques, but lots more coffee dates. 


"You are powerful." 

Every woman has a fierce power that is all her own. She has incredible skill, talent, and a message so necessary of being told. Most women will strip their power from themselves before they ever learn how to own it. Let's never stop reminding each other of our power. 


"I forgive you."  

Sometimes we say things we later regret. Sometimes we are not kind. Sometimes we use our tongues, not for encouragement, but to pull apart. That's something we can not only own up to and apologize for, but also express forgiveness towards those who have done the same us. Release and forgive. 


"You are necessary." 

Every woman is necessary. Every woman is wanted. When a woman doesn't give this life her everything, we all miss out as a result. This is why encouraging each other that each of one of us is necessary and important.


"I celebrate you." 

Women get a totally bad rap for competition. And we've probably all been guilty of it from time to time ourselves. We compete with one another because we feel insecure. But the truth is that no matter how successful she gets, that will never take away from your success. Learning that will set you free and give you the joy of cheering on many more beyond you.


"You can be you." 

I mean really. Be yourself. Bring your gift, your weird, your quirky, your wild and know that it is awesome and enough.


What do you think women need to tell each other more? Drop it in the comments!