8 Brands We Are Obsessed With Right Now

These are our brand crushes right now. I mean, what can we say? 

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa is brilliant. Not only does her brand feel like a smile and a dance party all in one. But she has a way of getting in your corner making you feel believed in with all the info you need to be awesome in business and incredible at life. She's amazing. 


Hannah Brencher

via www.hannahbrencher.com 

via www.hannahbrencher.com 

We are a big fan of Hannah. She's jumped into our Twitter Parties, will be on our podcast and just overall oozes authenticity. She has used her life to make a big difference and we are inspired. No matter the season she is in, this girl is grounded and rooted in truth. Plus, she's a totally brilliant creative. 


Chelsea Foy

via www.lovelyindeed.com

via www.lovelyindeed.com

Chelsea is someone we have admired from the distance. She exudes such possibility, positivity and bright colors which is totally our jam. What she has built online is so life-giving and joyful. Love her adventurous and confetti-filled heart. 


Heather Crabtree

What we love about Heather is her brilliant heart for community and for people. She is genuine, generous and full of fire. She leads an inspiring community of women. And we just feel like the world hasn't even seen what is gonna come out of this woman. Genius. 


Reina and Co

Reina is a phenomenal life coach. But more than that, everything about her screams possibility, empowerment and celebration. And that has got us obsessed. She'll speak to your soul and make you think and believe in you. You'll move mountains after encountering her. 


Jessica Howell

Jess has been a long-time member and cheerleader for the #fireworkpeople community. She is an expert when it comes to social media and doing everything in a way that comes off so stylish and beautiful. You might recognize her from a Twitter Chat and we just love her! 


Carrie McQuaid

Carrie is like the superhero of kindness, high-fives and pep talks. And we love her for that. She has used her massive following on Instagram to really inspire such hope and encouragement into so many women. Plus, she's super awesome at hugs. 


Kyla Roma 

Kyla is amazing! She is a powerhouse for solopreneurs, small businesses and bloggers. But more than that she has such soul, compassion and heart. We love her vision to see dreamers become doers, because holla.