77 Self-Care Ideas for Creatives


You've got fire, you've got creativity and you've got heart.


You are throwing your everything into your work and into people and likely, there are days where you feel straight up drained. This is why self-care is necessary. It is critical to replenishing yourself so that you can continue to live a lifestyle where you create, give and operate out of that place of fire. 


My self-care routine will be different from yours. It is simply about knowing what works for you, what fills your cup and what makes sense in your life. It is to be played around with and explored. The more you figure out what works for you, the more higher levels of creativity and fire you can operate out of. 


You're not endless. You're deeply deserving of care. 


We've thrown together a list of ideas to play with that you could use for self-care. Try one, try two and see what works for you! 


1. Go for a walk. 

2. Dance like no one is watching. 

3. Look in the mirror and see yourself.

4. Take a long bath. 

5. Burn a candle - we love coconut! 

6. Meditate on truth. 

7. Finger painting (back to basics)! 

8. Immerse yourself in inspirational quotes. 

9. Relax on Pinterest. 

10. Find a puppy to cuddle with! 

11. Unplug for an hour from all electronics.

12. Take a nap. 

13. Practice laughing. 

14. Declutter, whether it be a room, an email inbox or a phone.

15. Drink lots of water - hey, put some fruit in there too! 

16. Put fresh flowers in your home. 

17. Get a massage. 

18. Swim! Honestly, just float for a few minutes.

19. Bake it up. 

20. Write down your thoughts, without filter. 

21. Read a novel. 

22. Sleep in! 

23. Do yoga - even if it is for the first time. 

24. Put on sweatpants. 

25. Have a 20-second hug. 

26. Lay on the grass.

27. Write out a gratitude journal. 

28. Make a declaration over yourself.

29. Write love letters. 

30. Explore your city.

31. People-watch. 

32. Sing at the top of your lungs. 

33. Sip on a hot drink. 

34. Just sit. 

35. Tell someone 'no.' 

36. Spend time doing your hair, just for fun. 

37. Take yourself out for dinner. 

38. Wake up for the sunrise. 

39. Wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful. 

40. Look at the stars for a good minute.

41. Prayer. 

42. Stretch your muscles. 

43. Phone an old friend. 

44. Dream big and without fear. 

45. Eat dark chocolate and savour it. 

46. Take yourself out for a cupcake.

47. Snuggle in a knitted blanket and just be. 

48. Listen to your heart. 

49. Give yourself a hand massage.

50. Deep breaths. 

51. Make a green smoothie.

52. Fill your life with colors that energize or calm you.

53. Put up photos that inspire you. 

54. Get silly. 

55. Rub your temples.

56. Brush your hair slowly. 

57. Go to therapy.

58. Listen to music that hits your soul.

59. Grab a coloring book and crayons!

60. Change your bedding. 

61. Acknowledge how you feel. 

62. Feel the sun on your face.

63. Rocking back and forth.

64. Write down what makes you happy. 

65. Put to paper your biggest dreams. 

66. Celebrate where you feel successful.

67. Buy clothing that fits your body today.

68. Spend time with people who make you feel seen. 

69. Be vulnerable.

70. Rub lotion for 15 minutes in a part of your body you are not happy with. 

71. Dry brush.

72. Watch a favorite movie. 

73. Forgive someone you've been holding onto pain about. 

74. Listen to a TED Talk. 

75. Ask someone to mentor you. 

76. Let go.

77. Smile. 


What do you do for self-care? What have you tried and works awesome for you? Tell me about it in the comments!