7 Questions to Figure Out How You Want Your Brand to Feel


Brand is a buzz word. Yep, it totally is. For good reason though because having a solid brand can set you apart. We know that graphic design is a huge part of your brand; the visual component of the story you're telling. But what doesn't get talked about often is how you're using your words to establish your brand and communicate your vision and story. 


When I work with clients, one of the first things I like to ask people is, 'how do you want people to feel when they are on your website?' Because this is important. You want people to feel a connection with who you are and you want them to experience an emotion that brings them back for more. 


Developing an emotional connection on your website will cause you to stand out among the many. 


So, it is good to know this! To know what you want people to feel. I've thrown together ten questions that help you get to the very bottom of it!  


1. What do you want someone to walk away thinking after coming across your website? 


2. Do you want them to be internally motivated (to dig inside) or externally motivated (to go out and do something? 


3. If they could describe a feeling inside their body as they look through your website or your social media, what would that look like? 


4. How will someone's life change after finding you and the work that you do? 


5. What kind of action do you want them to be inspired to take? 


6. If you could pick a song to be an anthem to your brand, what one would you pick? 


7. When they describe you to their friend, what is the first word that comes to mind? 


Define feeling for your brand. Use words and visuals to tell it well. This is everything.