7 Ideas to Turn Your Bad Day Around

Bad days are so life-draining. I know you know the ones. It is like all this stuff keeps happening one after the other and you wonder if there is a memo on your forehead telling the world to crash on your parade. And sometimes when we are having a bad day, we think it is final, like there is no way out. 


But what if I told you that bad days were just waiting to turn good like villains that always wanted to become heroes? 


It is true. Any day can be started over. Any day can be renewed with strength. Any day can have life infused into it again. No matter what it holds ever. 


I know you're dying to know how, so lucky for you, I've got a bunch of ideas that you can use to turn your bad day around. Try one, try them all and see how great days can become your new normal. 


Practice Self-Care.

Have a hot tea, do some coloring, take our a journal, or call a good friend and care for yourself. 


Do The Thing You've Been Avoiding. 

Whatever that thing is that you've been pushing off and procrastinating on and is likely stressing you out? Do that thing. It'll infuse life back into you. 


Dance Up A Storm. 

Blast some of your favorite music, get out of that chair (or bed!) and bust some moves. Not like a sway, but like a full on breaking it down. Watch your spirits be instantly lifted. 


Encourage Someone.

Sometimes when we're having a bad day, the best thing we can do is brighten someone else's. Think of someone who you can encourage or help and make their day better. Generosity creates joy.  


Sit With Your Heart.

There might be a reason why your day is bad, because maybe there are a lot of emotions or even pain coming to the surface in you. Don't be afraid to sit with them. Be curious with them. Let your heart speak and it will fill you with healing. 


Make a New Friend. 

There is something especially revitalizing about making a new friend. Is there someone you've really been wanting to get to know? Reach out to them. Ask them about their life. 


Surround Yourself With Things That Brings YOU Life. 

We each have very unique little things that bring us joy, delight, and life. For example, little things like a coconut candle or a bright colored inspirational print. It instantly makes me happy! What are some of yours? How can you use them in your bad day to instantly turn it around? 


Let's send bad days away forever. What do you think? Are you in?