Five 60-Second Self Care Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

Self-care is so necessary for creative entrepreneurs. I believe it is one of the most necessary tools in your business. If you don't know how to refresh, celebrate or play, you're going to get burnt out, overwhelmed, and stressed out super fast. 


Self-care at its very heart is saying, "I deserve love." And we all bring different stories and wounds into what love has looked like or felt like. Because of that we forget to nurture ourselves and that is something that I have had to absolutely learn the hard away. 


I give everything to my clients and the people in my community. If I do not practice self-care, I will have nothing left to give to anyone anywhere. 


And I am learning that self-care is a lot of little moments as well!, not just these huge breakthrough, I spent 90 minutes at the spa type of moments. So, here are self-care ideas you can do in only sixty seconds. 


Rub the inside of your wrist or your palm. 

Especially if you're a lover of physical touch. There is something incredibly nurturing about rubbing or massaging the inside of your palm or wrist even for just a few seconds. You will find yourself more relaxed, more grounded and more present. 


Light a candle. 

You know while you're working on your business or changing the world from your laptop, light a candle! It adds some awesomeness to the atmosphere. My favourite scents are coconut, orange, and lilac. 


Look outside. 

Seriously, get up and go look out your window. See the wind moving through the trees. See the flowers that sprung up. See the bird sitting on the roof of the house from across you. See the rain as it hits the pavement. Let it remind you that you are one person in a big world giving it all you got. 


Meditate for one minute. 

Whatever that looks like for you, a powerful line in a song, using a meditation app, thinking on a declaration or focusing on a scripture or prayer. Allow the words to hit your heart. Embrace the silence. Feel your breath. 


Eat one piece of dark chocolate. 

There is something about dark chocolate that feels oddly nourishing. It has a richness to it that can make us feel taken care of! Don't just like throw it down your throat, but indulge in it for a moment and remember that you're worthy of love. 


What sixty-second practices do you have?