6 Tools to Help You Discover Your Core Message

Ever feel like you're giving so much information and even encouragement in your business, but it doesn't feel like it has much weight to it, almost as if it lacks power? 


Guaranteed, you need to return to your messaging.


It might be two things; either you don't know what yours is at all, or you're struggling to communicate it. Whichever one it is for you, it is a gift to yourself to look at your messaging often, so that you can allow everything you do and say online to be aligned with what you're wanting to speak. 


When you know and are confident of your message, it makes you powerful and electric.


I see messaging almost like you have one main message and then you have sub-messages that support that big one. 


For example, my main message is that women have the power to transform the world sitting inside of them and when they get out of their own way and bring that with confidence, it changes their life and it changes the world. 


My sub-messages have to do with the things that help women get to that place; vulnerability and imperfection, cultivating confidence, digging into your heart, building community, etc. 


When you're first discovering it can feel overwhelming, so l've got a couple tools for you to help break it down in a way that is easy and feels amazing. 


Sit with Your Heart and Ask Yourself Questions

You can see my post on heart dialogue that explains how to do this in a powerful way. But basically, you get somewhere quiet, sit with yourself, ask yourself questions and see what comes up in you. Some questions you can ask yourself as it relates to messaging are things like: 

  • What can I not stop talking about? 
  • If I had a moment to tell the world one thing, what would I say? 
  • What is a truth I carry that the world must know?


Find out what your ideal client is longing to hear. 

Think about your ideal clients which are basically just those you want to reach the most and serve with your energy, time and gifts. Zero into their desires and pain points to find out what they are hungry to hear. There is something you have to say that'll resonate deeply with them and create a long-lasting connection. 


Determine what the lifestyle of your message is.

Every message brings with it a lifestyle. By determining what the lifestyle looks like that you’re communicating, you can distill your message. Decide how you want your audience’s life to look like after they interact with you or spend time with you.


Do a social media inventory.

Go over the social media platforms you share with in the most and see if there are any themes that keep showing up for you. Do you keep talking about the same things? What are those things? Make a list of them. 


Ask people close to you for their insight.

Make a list of a couple people who know you really well that you can ask them straight out what they think a message is that you might have. Likely they've seen you get incredibly passionate about things over the years and will have insight to tell you about. Sometimes we struggle to see ourselves as we really are so this is a good option when this is happening. 


Choose your signature reminder. 

You get to decide what you want to spend your lifetime reminding people of. That truth you will whisper into people's hearts, that lifestyle you will invite them into, that tip or encouragement that you will make sure they know more than anything else. So choose it. Write it down. Hold it close. 


You have a message to declare and a story to tell. Don't keep that stuff inside because I believe that your voice has the ability to penetrate the noise of your life, of the Internet and of the world. Let's hear it. 


So, tell me, what message are you going to give? 


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