6 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day Off With a Spark

Taking a simple few minutes at the start of the day to speak into yourself and the space that the  day is about to hold is truly powerful.


The biggest thing that will sabotage a day happens within your two ears; in your own mindset. The good news is that you're not stuck with that, rather you can make choices to invest into your mindset and to empower yourself to think right. 


Breakthroughs in mindset are what set you up for inevitable success. 


And what I've found is that it takes work. It takes consistent investment and a dedication to believe a better story and a more accurate truth. It is not overnight and it is not Miracle-Gro, it is a labour of love to untangle the lies from the truth and develop a mindset that leads to all things good. 


Mindset work is not about denying the hard and dark things, it is about holding space for those things with compassion, but then only pulling the truth from them. Because if we don't, we can adopt life experiences as an identity. 


And your life experiences, good or bad, are never your identity. 


So, I've put together six morning mantras to declare, speak, write out over your day, maybe even before you get out of bed! Try it and tell me what happens. 


1. No matter what today holds, I remember that I am a beautiful human being with a beautiful purpose. 


2. Today holds enough hours to do everything that must get done today. The rest? It can wait. 


3. I will show up with my full heart and full presence knowing that when I do, I shine brightest.


4. Today, I will take risks and I will fail. And when I fail, I will remind myself that failure doesn't make me less of a success, it makes me more of one. 


5. I will do everything that aligns with who I am. Any other rule, formula, should or pressure, is not deserving of my time. 


6. I am a leader. I make amazing decisions. I hold things the world needs. Let's do this. 


What mantra are you going to try? Which one speaks to  you the most?