6 Beliefs You Need to Let Go of in Your Business


Your beliefs about who you are, about the work you do and about where you're going impact your business probably more than anything else; more than the amount of money you have, more than the number of people rooting for you, more than even the systems you have in place.


What you intrinsically believe about what you're doing can set you up for success or can sabotage you before you get the chance to rise. 


We mostly carry our beliefs from experiences. We really believe certain truths or certain lies based on what our human experience has been. For example: if you were abandoned at a young age and all your life people just keep telling you that you are accepted, but you never have an experience of acceptance, that belief of abandonment will stay deeply rooted in you.


The most powerful way to create a new belief is to create a new experience. 


Let's highlight six beliefs that may be in your business right now that it is about time those things are let go of and new experiences of the right belief are created. 


1. I will never make it. 

Sure, there are seas of people. There are people who do what you do. There are many in the arena. But it is the belief of not making it that will sabotage you even before you ever step out of your comfort zone. If you believe you won't make it, you won't. But if you believe you will make it, if you believe you have something to say, if you believe that what you do matters -- you're set for inevitable success. 


2. I could never charge that much. 

Maybe you can think of other people who charge a lot more than you do and you think, "Wow. I could never put that price value next to my name." Ask yourself why. Why are you placing your value lower than them? Why do you think that you could never ask for that type of investment? What is it about you that has convinced you that your value is less? You may be robbing yourself from the type of work you are undoubtedly called to. 


3. I'm too (insert your go-to word here). 

Let's just get that "too" word out of our vocabulary when we're talking about ourselves. You can never be too much of a thing, you can just be you. And so if you think you're too loud, too shy, too smart, too broken, too scared, too ugly, too pretty -- whatever word it is that you use to finish out that sentence, take it out. And watch how that changes your beliefs. You are an extravagant woman. You are not too much. 


4. If anyone knew what I was really like....

I see so many women go through this. You fear that if people saw your real, imperfect life, they wouldn't be interested in ever working with you or following you or whatever it may be. Lie. As people, we are drawn to vulnerability and authenticity. We want to work with people, we do not want to work with machines. When we operate in this belief, we hide ourselves in shame. But when we can embrace our imperfect lives and invite people into our story, we become powerful influencers.


5. I am poor. 

First off, you're not poor. You in the top one percent of the world. You're rich. If you're reading this right now, you're rich. And you're rich for the money you have, the access to all the resources you have and also for having a rich life filled with people and freedom and all that stuff. If you believe you're poor, it doesn't matter how much money you get, you'll always FEEL poor. Shift this one fast. Because it can be a sucker in business.  


6. It is safe to be afraid. 

We think sometimes if we just stay in fear, we'll be safe. Nah, not true. We can feel fear, but it is not the fear that keeps us safe. What keeps us safe is the risk and stepping outside of our comfort zones. What keeps us safe is the love that surrounds us and the thrill of moving in your passion. Don't let the fear hide you away woman. Your business is necessary in the world. 


Do you have any of these beliefs? Which ones are you letting go of?