5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Movement On Your Dreams


Sometimes dreams can feel like these really lofty and big things and even as we work on them, we can still be overwhelmed at their big-ness. One of the biggest things you can do in dream-chasing is to keep moving. It is when you stop moving, that you'll most often get stuck. And there is always movement to make. 


There is always something you can do to step closer to your dreams becoming a reality. 


Right now, even as you read this, you have an opportunity to choose. You can choose to make movement or you can choose to stay still. 


That choice is yours and that choice will always be yours. 


Reach out and make a connection.

There are people literally all around you that you can connect with. In-person, online, even in the grocery store -- there is incredible opportunity to connect with people! You can connect with someone who is in the same field as you, someone who you could potentially collaborate with, even just someone who you can hear about what they're doing and say, "How can I help you?" 

OUR TIP: Reach out to someone you love following on social media and ask them for a 20-min phone call. Maybe scary, but so very worth it! 



Learn something. 

There are seriousl so many resources available to us, we could drown in them. Want to learn Photoshop? Do it. Want to figure out how to hit 1000 newsletter subscribers? Make it happen. Want to get super good at handlettering? Go for it. Want to exercise your pubic speaking? Get out there. Take a class, scour some blogs, dig into some free resources. Learn something that will directly help you reach your dreams. 

OUR TIP: Make a board on Pinterest of things you want to learn more about, make happen or dig deeper into. Pin articles and resources to that board for when you want to invest into yourself that way. 



Do that very practical thing you've been avoiding. 

You know the one. Something like doing your dishes, washing your floors, dusting underneath your picture frames. Or maybe for you, it is cancelling those accounts you're paying for but never using or finally calling the doctor to make an appointment. It is those little housekeeping things (literally or figuratively) that can weigh us down and actually keep us small. 

OUR TIP: Spend 20 minutes a day giving yourself to really practical details especially if you are not super practically minded. Just go for it for those twenty minutes and the things will stop piling up and becoming a drain. 



Step out in blind faith. 

There is always a risk we can take; somewhere we can step outside of ourselves even if it terrifies us. This will look different for each and every one of us, but the invitiation exists the same for all of us. Publishing that article, pitching that magazine, sending that email, quitting that job, making that ballsy move, starting that podcast, moving across the country, applying for that thing. 

OUR TIP: Don't let risk be just a moment, let risk be a lifestyle. Put supports in your life that will push you to make incredible and gutsy decisions such as accountability, masterminds, coaches, therapists, or just truth-shooting friendships. 



Set a goal and watch yourself crush it. 

There is something very powerful when we put our words to a desire inside of us, make it actionable and then put a date on it. For example, you could spend your entire life saying that you want to be published on Huffington Post. But that will stay a wish until you put action on it. You could even put action on it and say I want to be published on Huffington Post, so I will pitch an article to the women's editor. But that will just stay a goal until you put a date on it. You need all three components! That sets you up to not just meet goals, but CRUSH them. 

OUR  TIP: Make goals life-giving, fun and grace-filled by determining them by your desires, not your obligations. 


How will you move towards your dreams today?